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Craps Systems

More Information on Craps Systems

Many players use some type of craps betting systems although you need to realize that none of the craps systems can change the house edge on any bet.

Craps Systems: Introduction

Many players use some craps betting systems although you need to realize that none of the craps systems can change the house edge on any bet. The house advantage is decided by the sum of cash the casino pays you when you win a game in relation to the true odds for the wager.

What a craps player hopes to achieve by using the craps systems is to take advantage of the short turn probability fluctuations. For example in craps the ratio of a 7 being rolled is six to one. This means that (in the long run over millions or even billions of throws) it will average out to a 7 being rolled 1 time for every 6 rolls. However, this does not really happen in the short run. A player may roll 3 X 7's in a row, or roll fifty times without rolling any 7's. This is what we mean with the short term fluctuation of craps dice probabilities, and this is the reason why some of these craps systems can help players profit in some playing sessions. A craps systems alternative I like to use is called the 10/4 Press.

Craps Systems: Betting the Opposite Point

If I’m betting the pass line, I like to put a place bet on the opposite number of the point. If you look closely at some dice, you will see that their top and bottom numbers are number combination opposites. The six, for example, is opposite of the eight. For instance: If the 6 is formed by the 2 dice with 5-1 (six) on 1 side, then the opposite side will be 6-2 (eight). A combo of five is the opposite of the nine and the combination of four is the opposite of ten.

A place bet on the 4 or 10 pays 9 dollars for a 5 dollar bet. If the 4 or the 10 is the point, I make a 5 dollar place bet on the number opposite. I then change my place bet up to a “buy” bet.

Craps Systems: Betting Example

Place the 4 or 10 for 5 dollars. If the shooter 7s out you are out 5 dollars.  On the 1st hit you will be paid 9 dollars. Tell the dealer to press your wager, and our pace bet will go to 10 dollars (you will get 4 dollars). On the 2nd hit you will be paid 18 dollars. Tell the dealer to buy the number, which means the dealer increases your bet to 25 dollars and give you back 3 dollars.

You pay a five percent commission to be paid true odds on your bet, when you buy a number. When you buy the 4/10, you will be paid two to one instead of nine to five for your bet. Some casinos will require you to give the commission for your buy bet up front, whereas others don’t.