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9 Best Gambling-Themed Content Ideas & How To Generate More

There’s a lot of great content you can write about gambling

Content remains one of the best ways to market your website or business. It’s diverse, SEO-friendly, and can be produced at all budget levels. All you need to get started is a great idea and that’s where we come in. From flipping direct marketing on its head, to interactive assets, there are many great ways to create gambling content. Here are nine of the best.

Review the top influencers for your gambling niche

Influencer marketing remains one of the most effective content tools at your disposal. Influencers have engaged audiences who hang from their every word, and who will act based on their recommendations. Reviewing the top gambling influencers gives your audience snackable content, and the influencers a marketing tool to promote on their social channels.

Using the example of poker, this is how a review of the top influencers could look for you:

  • James "SplitSuit" Sweeney: A go to for detailed hand deconstruction
  • Doug Poulk: Acerbic takes on what’s going on in poker
  • Andrew Neeme: Poker’s YouTube darling – the one to turn to for live feed

The number of people you pick depends on how many there are in your field and how detailed you want to go. However, I have one top tip: Using an odd number of influencers is better, as people find them more believable than even numbered round-ups.

Create an interactive asset for your audience 

Interactive marketing is already a big deal. 93% of marketers think it’s effective in educating customers about their products, while 88% say it helps their brand stand out. Why is this? Because interactive marketing, by its nature, is engaging. Creating an interactive content asset is an ideal way of getting your audience to buy into what you’re selling.

An odds calculator is the perfect interactive content asset for your audience. Why? Because it provides something useful, educational, and has a practical value. Odds are everywhere in gambling and understanding them gives you an advantage over your fellow players.

That’s not all, though. Odds also help tell you which games are worth playing, with Return To Player (RTP) percentages showing your chances of beating a casino in the long run.

Omni’s Odds Calculator is an example of what you can create. You could create a calculator that tells your audience the pre-flop odds of different poker hands – so that they know the chances of winning with them.

Casino games guides for gambling beginners 

For people starting out in gambling and online casino gaming, getting more information about how to play the games is a must. This makes beginner's guides compulsory reading and a great content tool for you. But that’s not all. These guides are great examples of what marketers call micro-moments, and this means you can pick up engaged readers with this content. 

Micro-moments are searches where people want an answer to their questions immediately. They’re often punched into mobile phones and tablets, or asked of virtual assistants. They’re great for traditional and local SEO, as they get a high search volume.

They’re also a perfect opportunity for you to optimise for voice search (angling to your audience using virtual assistants), which is only increasing in popularity and importance within the industry – increasing by over 128% each year.

They often begin with ‘how to’, ‘how do’, or ‘how can’. Creating a beginner's guide that begins with one of these three terms gives you content that’s useful to your readers, and ranks well in Google. It’s a win-win.

Send out direct mail on playing cards

UK food brand Greggs is one of the companies at forefront of direct marketing innovation. At Christmastime, a Newcastle branch of Greggs flipped its logo so it showed in the window of the store opposite it.

Back in January 2018 Greggs launched its vegan sausage roll and took a similarly imaginative approach to promotion. For its direct marketing campaign, Greggs sent vegan sausage rolls to the press in iPhone style boxes. The campaign exploded.

You can use Greggs as a source of inspiration for creating gambling content that uses direct marketing to get your message across. How? Like this. 

Create your own playing cards and include your content on them. Then send them to your target audience. As they’re gambling fans there’s a chance they’ll use the cards when playing a game, or gambling. Each time they do this they’ll see your content message, promoting your agenda by stealth.

9 Best Gambling-Themed Content Ideas & How To Generate More

Videos that deconstruct card game hands in films 

A fun way of creating video content is to find films and TV shows where gambling features. You can then add your own commentary to them and explain why they’re accurate or inaccurate. This is not only an enjoyable way of looking at gambling, but it’s also an educational resource.

While there are many great examples you can borrow and steal from, I’ll show you how it works for poker influencer Doug Poulk. Here’s his take on Rounders (universally regarded as one of the best poker films), where Matt Damon’s character (Mike McDermot) flops the nuts:


Doug analyses this famous film poker hand, looks at what’s normal and abnormal, and discusses how it should have played out. Create your own version of this, then share it across your social platforms.

Live stream from land-based casinos

Live stream is hugely popular, gets incredible engagement, and is a favourite of the gambling world. Your readers love it, your customers love it, your search engine of choice (whichever it is) loves it. Don’t trust me? Then believe what the stats have to say about live stream engagement.

This is how many people have watched a live stream in last month in all the world’s major regions:

  • Middle East & Africa: 42%
  • Asia: 33%
  • Latin America: 31% 
  • North America: 27% 
  • Europe: 16%

Live streaming from land-based casinos is one of the best types of gambling content. You don’t need to come up with many original ideas or spend much time researching – a bit of background on the players and a couple of questions to ask them will do.

Twitch is one of the hottest game streaming platforms, while YouTube and Facebook remain popular. Pick your platform, review what the pros (like PokerStars) are doing, then run your own live streams.

Make profiles of the most popular gambling pros

This is not so different from the influencer review idea – some of the most popular gambling influencers are also pro players. The key difference is that this content is a bio, rather than commentary on how useful their skills are to your audience. However, you can still get the same shareability from this content, so long as you tag the pros in it.

One of the benefits of creating player bios is that they’re quick and easy. If you want to cut down the time spent on researching these bios, start with the pros who have a Wikipedia account. Another way to make the profiles is to video interview the pros. Let them do the talking and then you’ll have a completely unique piece of content.

Tackle the big topics in the right way

Writing about the topics that are important in gambling is a no-brainer – the more coverage they get the greater the chances are of there being an audience for your content. But it’s not only a case of being inside the industry to know what’s hot. You can use data science to find what your audience wants to know about. This is what you do:

Find a keyword analysis tool. Some of the best around include:

  • SEOquake: Google extension which shows you the keywords used in web pages
  • Ahrefs: Lets you search multiple keywords and gives you related terms
  • Ubersuggest: Made by Neil Patel, it tells you the search volume of keywords
  • Keyword Tool: Shows questions linked to the terms you search for
  • Wordtracker: The efficient keyword planner designed for SEO, not Adwords

This is the right way of finding the topics to write about. It’s also the right way of finding the important words to use in your content. But it’s not the be-all and end-all. Gambling addiction remains a topic with a lot of attention because it’s an issue that saddens those who love gambling.

Addiction is a huge topic and to tackle it in the right way you must do it sensitively, not in a way the prioritises keywords and search terms. The gambling commission has put legislation in place to protect customers and the public against addiction. Be Gamble Aware also has lots of literature on how to help and prevent addiction. Refer to these organisations and use their advice when writing about gambling addiction or forming your content strategy.

Stats driven content with backlink potential

I know I raised the importance of numbers already, but this is a fresh idea. Some of the very best performing content is a resource that other websites can link to. Rather than creating content for your audience to post on your site, you can create a resource that can be used by countless other websites and boost your Google ranking.


The backlinks you get from this resource improve the authority of your website, making it rank higher in search engines. This drives traffic to your site, where people can either buy your products or read your content – whatever your agenda is.

What resource you create depends on the data you have at your disposal. Using the example of gambling odds, you could create a resource that compares the likelihood of getting a full house in poker to winning the lottery. This is an example of how that resource can then be used.  

How to generate more ideas – haven’t you had enough!

Once you’ve burned through these great gambling themed content ideas, you’ll need more to keep your output up. Luckily, there are some simple ways you can do this. Here are a few of the best:

  • Community content: User-generated content is always a winner. Your audience trusts the opinions of their peers as highly as their friends and family. You can create UGC by posting questions on Q&A forums and then crowdsource your content by using the best answers.
  • Steal from your rivals: To get an idea that works, why not take inspiration from your rivals? Using Ahrefs, you take can the HTML of a web page then look under the bonnet to find out what keywords and terms it uses.
  • Trending topics: Not so different from stealing from your rivals, but not quite the same. Type your topic into Google News and see what pops up in the results. Once you have your results make a list of the titles and rework them. 

Gambling content is hugely popular. Poker vloggers get millions of views and interactive tools get countless clicks. To get people to visit your website you need content that’s unique, engaging, and informative. Begin with these nine ideas, take inspiration from some of these online casino gambling tips, and then start generating your own ideas. So what are you waiting for? Start work now on your next great piece of gambling content! 

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