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Gambling Stocking Fillers - 10 Best Christmas Presents For Gamblers

Get a Christmas present with a gambling theme

The average UK household spends over £2,500 at Christmas – that’s a lot of turkey and stocking fillers. 

If there’s someone in your life that likes to gamble at home, an online casino, or in a land casino, then you can use your Xmas money wisely by getting them a few gambling-themed presents they’ll really like. 

From a subscription to PokerTracker to high-quality poker chips, these are ten of the best Christmas gifts you can get for gamblers. 

Winning present for gamblers: Subscription to PokerTracker 

We’re big poker fans and chances are that the gambler in your life is too, it’s almost certainly the most popular card game on the planet. The one gift that any gambling fan will appreciate is something that improves their chances of winning, which is why a subscription to PokerTracker is one of the perfect presents for a poker enthusiast. 

PokerTracker is a piece of software that monitors the behaviour of players – both you and your opponents. It tracks performance and produces assessments on a range of elements to the way people play poker – such as VPIP (voluntary put in pot) – helping you to predict how your opponents will react to your plays. PokerTracker is compatible with many different poker cardrooms, making it an ideal Christmas gift for gamblers. 

Advanced present for gamblers: Book on the maths of poker 

Maths is hugely important in poker. You need to be able to understand the odds of your plays, so that you know if you’re making the right move at a given moment. If you want to advance your poker game then you need to understand the maths behind it. This makes The Mathematics of Poker one of the essential gambling books for gamblers who want to improve their game. 

Sociable present for gamblers: A gambling holiday 

Christmas isn’t simply about spending the most money on gifts, it’s about getting thoughtful presents for the people you care about. There are few things more thoughtful than creating memories and giving your loved one a betting holiday is a present that will produce some long-lasting memories. 

There are so many places you can take a gambling holiday – Monte Carlo, Macao, South Africa and more. We’ve reviewed the top ten places to take a winter gambling vacation, providing a mix of warm destinations and ones that have a more wintery appeal. While it really depends on your personal preferences, we think that there are few better things you can give a gambling fan than a trip to Niagara Falls. Why? Because it’s close to two great gambling destinations, New York and Ontario. 

Funny present for gamblers: Gambling mouse mat 

Mouse mats may feel a little 1998 to some people – they no longer have a place in every home and on every work desk. But we still like to use one and if you pick a humorous one, then we’re confident your gambling loving recipient will too. That’s why the Gambling: Bet Your Ass I Do Mouse Mat is our pick of the funny presents for you to buy this Christmas. And it also fits very snuggly in a stocking.  

Useful present for gamblers: Quality poker chips 

Few things are more noticeable to a gambler than quality poker chips – while they might not look so different from the cheaper options, the weight and feel is obvious as soon as you hold them. Why does that make such a difference to gamblers? We’ll tell you right now. 

Quality poker chips have a good weight and nice feel to them – they’re heavy enough to sit properly on the table and firm enough that you can shuffle them in your hands. This might not sound like much but during poker games you need to keep a clear head. If your chips are annoying, then that could take away a little bit of your focus, and that could be the difference between winning a game and losing one. 

Responsible present for gamblers: Lesson in bankroll management 

Sometimes the cheapest gifts are the ones that have the greatest value to the people receiving them. There’s nothing cheaper than a free gift, but a free guide to poker bankroll management could help your colleague, friend, or loved one save/make a lot of money. This is because it teaches them how to keep their poker money separate to their personal funds, which is one of the key skills that you need to become a poker pro. 

Stylish present for gamblers: Classy suit (one fit for James Bond)

We’re not ones to tell you how you should and shouldn’t dress in a casino. You should wear the clothes you feel best in, because feeling good about yourself will help you play your best game. However, there is an eternal connection between gambling and suits, meaning that a classy one is one of the best presents to give a gambler this Christmas. 

If you’ve seen pretty much any James Bond film you’ll be well-acquainted with the idea of wearing a suit to the casino – Jimmy B rocks one at every opportunity. While clothes are a dicey choice as a present (you could pick the wrong size, colour, style or more), MOSS BROS. has some splendid suits for you to choose from – you’re sure to find a classy option for your gambling loving friend, family member, or partner. 

Novelty present for gamblers: Gambling socks 

There are some traditions you can’t get away from at Christmas, brussel sprouts, the countdown TV show of the best ABBA songs, and someone making a tit of themselves at the dinner table. Christmas socks are a tradition that can’t be ignored, but can be made a little more tolerable and turned into presents for gamblers to enjoy. How? By opting for a pair of socks that feature dogs playing poker – you know you want them. 

Artistic present for gamblers: Picture for the gambling fan in your life

Art is one of the most subjective things in life. We have friends who are artists and they’re forever telling us that we simply don’t get the mess we’re seeing (we respectfully disagree). While art’s subjectivity makes it one of the riskiest gambling-themed gifts, the gambler in your life will appreciate you taking the chance. 

Budget plays a huge part when selecting art. If you paint a picture yourself it’s practically free; if you buy a classic piece from an established gallery it could cost more than a football team. We like to paint, so the homemade option is a good one for us. However, there’s no shame in buying a piece of art as a Christmas present.

(Soft) drinking present for gamblers: Gambling-themed mug 

Gambling is known for its association with drinking and so is Christmas, which is why a drinks vessel is an ideal present for that special someone who likes to gamble. But before we go too far with this, we want to make it clear that we’re talking about soft drinks – that means picking from one of these great gambling mugs

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. This year share your love and appreciation for the gambler in your life by getting them one of the great stocking fillers we’ve mentioned in this article! 

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