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Board Game Bust Ups: the tabletop games most likely to cause household conflict

Board Game Bust Ups

If you’ve ever played a board game with your family you’ll know that it can be a heated affair.

Classic games such as Monopoly and Jenga ignite the competitive streak within, often leading to household conflicts.

But which board game is the most likely to lead to a family fallout?

We at Online Casinos have used social listening to track mentions of popular board games - revealing how many posts are about fallouts rather than wins.

Our ultimate board game bust up list can be seen below:


Key Findings

  • Monopoly takes the number one spot for causing the most household arguments with 28,167 social posts being posted about conflicts during play.
  • It seems like the bricks are not the only things on edge when it comes to Jenga, with the classic wooden game taking the second spot in our rankings with 6290 posts.
  • Ironically, frustration comes last in our rankings, despite the name.

Methodology & Sources

Online casinos analysed mentions of each board game listed above over social media. We then collected all the negative posts which spoke of fallouts and arguments. The data was collected via Linkfluence social listening between the dates 29/03/2019 - 27/03/2020.

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