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Travel Destinations: The Best Places In The World For A Casino Getaway

There are lots of great places you can take a casino holiday

Gambling is a hobby that’s enjoyed responsibly all over the world. In almost every country, there are cities or towns where players can try their luck at roulette, poker, blackjack, and more.

If you’re planning a casino holiday, it’s worth doing your research to find the perfect destination for you. Here are just a few of the best places in the world for a casino getaway to add to your bucket list.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Sometimes it’s not enough just being a high-roller — you want to do so in a high-roller destination too. And you don’t get much more high-rolling than the capital of luxury itself, Monte Carlo.

Situated on the stunning French Riviera, Monte Carlo is a byword for luxury and class. It’s a hangout for the rich and famous, with actors, musicians, and millionaires alike heading to Monaco’s shores for some downtime.

As well as luxury super-yachts and the Formula One Grand Prix, Monte Carlo is also known for its eponymous casino too. The Casino Monte-Carlo offers a comprehensive gambling experience in opulent settings.

Try your hand at roulette under a glittering chandelier or give the 17th century game of Trente et Quarante a try before heading to the in-house restaurants — it’s up to you.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

No list of casino holiday destinations would be complete with an obligatory mention of Sin City itself, Las Vegas. Perhaps the most well-known casino destination in the world, Las Vegas is the undisputed casino capital of the world.

With more than a hundred casinos in total, Las Vegas has more than enough to keep players entertained during their casino vacation. The biggest and most well-known casino in Vegas is Caesars Palace, with more than 124,181 square feet of card games, roulette tables, and video gaming machines.

And when you finally get tired of the Strip’s many casinos, why not take an indoor gondola ride along the Venetian’s Grand Canal? Alternatively, you can head to the Bellagio to see the world-famous Cirque du Soleil.

Eager to give the delights of Las Vegas a try? You’ll need to start counting your pennies — check out our money-saving tips here.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Las Vegas isn’t the only US city to offer a plethora of gambling delights. Atlantic City is the East Coast’s answer to Sin City. With a range of exciting casinos, hotels, spas, and more, Atlantic City has more than enough to keep you entertained during your casino holiday.

While it doesn’t have as many casinos as its West Coast rival, Atlantic City has some real gems that every international gambler will adore. Hard Rock Cafe fans should head straight to the chain’s Hotel Casino, where rock memorabilia hangs on every wall.

Alternatively, you can head to the Tropicana for a more traditional — but no less — exciting casino experience. Inspired by the famous El Tropicana in Havana, the casino offers varieties of virtually every game you can imagine. At the Tropicana, drinks aren’t free, but it’s still well worth adding to your bucket list.

And it’s not all casinos in Atlantic City. It’s also home to some stunning beaches to relax on in-between games. Of course, no visit to Atlantic City would be complete without a saunter down the iconic Boardwalk. Be sure to check out the Entrance To The Stars, Atlantic City’s answer to Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame.

London, UK

If you’re on a tight budget but still itching for a casino getaway of your own, why not head to the UK’s capital for a casino holiday on the cheap? While London is still one of the most expensive cities in the world, the money you save on flights is well worth it.

The Big Smoke is home to a range of exciting casinos for you to try. Perhaps the most renowned (and must-visit) casino in London is the Ritz. Roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat are all on offer at this iconic venue, with a private room available for a more exclusive experience.

After something a little more modest? Visit the Clermont Club. Subdued but no less elegant, the venue takes its name for an exclusive group of wealthy gamblers who met at the club. Today, it’s operated by Mayfair Casinos, offering high-stakes exclusivity in luxurious surroundings.

Baden-Baden, Germany

The historic German spa town of Baden-Baden might not seem an obvious place for the perfect casino getaway. But Baden-Baden is actually the ideal blend of excitement and relaxation, offering far more than just casinos for the discerning gambler.

During the 19th century, Baden-Baden was the hottest destination for Europe’s wealthy upper classes. That tradition continues today, with a range of relaxing pastimes available for the discerning traveller.

The town has a number of golf and tennis clubs, as well as an abundance of skiing and hiking resorts. And that’s not to mention an 18-hole golf course in Fremersberg, on the outskirts of Baden-Baden.

But the spa town is also home to the renowned Baden-Baden Casino. Almost 200 years old, the casino is rich in history — and gaming delights too. Roulette, poker, blackjack, and of course video slots are all well catered for in this historic building.

Feeling inspired? The destinations above are just a few of the excellent casino getaways available around the world. Head to Las Vegas for the classic casino holiday, or take a trip to Baden-Baden for a more relaxing mini-break. Whatever type of casino getaway you want, there’s plenty to choose from here.

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