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Casino Gambling Bonuses 101: How You Can Manage Your Free Bonuses Effectively

 Free casino gambling bonuses are a great way of getting more for your money when you signup to an online casino

Free bonuses help you decide which casinos give you the best value for your money. But just because they don’t cost you money, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time researching free bonuses. It's worth learning a little bit about the types of bonuses around and how casinos make their money. Why? Because it will help you to manage your free bonuses more effectively and get more out of the time you spend at a casino.  

Where free bonuses fit into how casinos make money

Free bonuses are not an example of casino generosity. Let’s be clear: casinos exist to make money and they do that by having an edge over betters. Free bonuses give you an opportunity to make some cash, but the odds are still weighted in favour of the casinos.

Let’s use roulette as an example to show you how:

Roulette has an even number of colours: red and black. So if you bet on one of the two colours you have an even chance of winning – wrong. Roulette also has another colour, the green zero. It’s this third colour that tips the odds in the favour of the casino. How? Because when you bet on red it black and the ball lands on zero, you lose. This means the chances of you winning when betting on red or black are 48.65%, giving the casino an edge of 2.35%.

There’s an even amount of numbers in roulette: 1-36. This balances your chances of winning, right? Wrong. Again, zero comes into play and that pushes the odds back in the casino's favour. If you place a bet on a number in roulette, your chances of winning are 48.30%. This gives the casino an edge of 2.70%.

So where do free bonuses fit in? They are a great way to attract new players, because what could be more enticing than free money? However, it’s important to manage your free bonus effectively to get the most from it. This is how you do it.

How you can manage your no deposit bonuses effectively

No deposit bonuses are a great bonus. Simply sign up to a casino and then you’ll get some free money to play with, lovely jubbly. To make sure you manage your no deposit bonus effectively, you need to look at the small print. Why? Because there are some important details you have to know.

  • Maximum cash out: This is the maximum amount of money you can make from your bonus. Most online casinos give you a max of five times the bonus amount, but some are bigger/smaller. Make sure you know this before you collect your winnings. If you don't, you may find yourself disappointed when you find you could have got a higher payout.

  • Wagering requirement: This isthe total number of bets you have to make before you’re allowed to cash out. Sounds simple, and it is. That doesn’t stop it from being important, though. This is because you don’t want to pick a bonus which has a high wagering requirement, as making endless bets isn’t a great use of your time.

What you need to know about deposit match welcome bonuses

One of the most popular ways for online casinos to attract new gamblers is with a deposit match welcome bonus. A deposit match bonus is simple – you deposit some money and the casino will match (or better) it, making it another way of getting free money for signing up to an online casino.

A standard deposit welcome bonus offered by casinos is that you get a 100% match for the first amount of money you add to your account. It really pays off to do your research when looking for the best first deposit bonus, as some casinos offer a match of up to £500 – giving you £500 of free money to play with. We’ve compiled a list of the best welcome casino bonuses for UK players. It’s regularly updated so you can make sure you always get the best offers!

Some casinos will also match your second and third deposits. While these are often less generous than the match you get for your first deposit, when you combine all three bonuses together it means you can up to £1,000 of free money from some casinos.

As with many free bonuses, there are often conditions attached to deposit match welcome bonuses. Some of the conditions levied by online casinos include:

  • Using real fund first: This means you won’t get your bonus until you’ve burned through your own money first.

  • Bonus expires after a week: You’ll have to deposit the full amounts of the first, second, and third deposits within a week if you want to get the max free bonus.

Make sure you check the conditions and fine print of any welcome casino bonuses before you signup, that way you won’t be disappointed if you find it’s not going to be possible for you to get the full bonus.

Tips for getting the most out of your free spin bonuses

Free spins are a very popular bonus. It gives you an opportunity to test your skills on a range of slots, roulette tables, and other games. This lets you get a feel for the casino before you spend any of your own money. There are different types of spin bonus. Knowing what they are will help you to use your free bonuses effectively.

  • Free spins no deposit bonus: Does what it says. You spend no money to get some free spins

  • Free spins deposit bonus: You get this with a deposit bonus. Often has a high wagering requirement, but you still don’t have to spend any money

Where you can find the best online casino bonuses

To really get the most out of your free bonuses you need to pick the best ones available. That means investing some time into finding the casinos with the best offers. There are some simple ways of doing this. 

Online forums 

Find forums for online casinos: There are many great places where you can find the thoughts of other players. These are perfect for explaining which casinos tend to have the best bonuses.

Casino reviews 

Check out online casino reviews casinos: Even better than asking your fellow gamers is to get the views of professionals who live to find the best bonuses. Online Casinos reviews the top casinos and lists their bonuses.

Gambling sites 

Visit some of the best online casinos. Once you’ve read through the reviews of the UK’s leading gambling sites, the next step is to visit some of the top ones – the ones where you can find great rewards. Some of the finest online casinos for gambling bonuses include: 

Free bonuses are a great way to get a taste for what a casino has to offer. They’re free money that gives you a chance to win some cash from an online casino. Just remember to do your research before you pick your bonus and try to cash out. If you don’t, you might find your free bonus isn’t as juicy as you thought it was!

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