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How To Play Wasp Solitaire

Wasp Solitaire is a popular card game that blackjack fans will love

Microsoft originally added Solitaire to every PC it released to help people become more fluent with a computer mouse. Today Solitaire is one of the most popular video games on the planet and part of the reason is there are so many versions you can play, including Wasp Solitaire. 

In this guide, we explain all you need to know about Wasp – including, why you need to also know the rules of Scorpion Solitaire, why it’s great for fans of blackjack, and why 247 Solitaire is something you need to know about.

What Is Wasp Solitaire?

Wasp Solitaire is a fun and advanced version of Solitaire, one of the most popular video games in the world – along with being a favourite of gamblers who adore playing card games. 

Wasp Solitaire is a game of patience, which means that it involves players manipulating and moving columns of cards on a tableau – the purpose being to reach an end goal of sorting them in a specific way (more on that below).   

Patience games trace their roots back to at least the eighteenth century and originated in Northern Europe – the first recorded mention of them is in the 1788 German game anthology Das neue Königliche L'Hombre-Spiel

How Do You Play Wasp Solitaire?

Wasp Solitaire takes its inspiration from Scorpion Solitaire. The two games are near identical and to understand how to play Wasp, you must first learn how to play Scorpion – don’t worry, we’ll give you instructions below. 

Learning The Rules Of Wasp Solitaire By Playing Scorpion Solitaire  

Scorpion Solitaire uses a deck of 52 cards and the object of the game is to arrange them into four columns, each of which must be in suit sequence, and go from king down to ace. Many Solitaire players begin with Scorpion and move to Wasp for a change of pace. 

The game begins with 49 cards in play (the other 3 are used later in the game) which are dealt into seven columns on the Solitaire tableau. Your first 3 columns of cards all have 3 face-down cards, with 4 face-up cards laid over the top. Your remaining cards are in 3 columns of 7 cards and are all face-up. 

You can play any of the face-up cards and move them from one column to another, so that you can get to your end goal of ordering the cards in a sequence. Once a face-down card is exposed (by coming to the top of the column) it becomes a face-up card. 

After all available moves have been made, the final 3 cards are dealt into the game. These cards are added to the first 3 columns and when you’ve used them to complete your 4 sequential columns you win the game. 

Explaining How To Play Wasp Solitaire 

As we explained earlier, Wasp Solitaire employs near-identical rules to Scorpion Solitaire – one of the most widely played Solitaire games, and one with a wealth of resources to help you play. 

The object of Wasp Solitaire is to arrange 52 cards into 4 columns, ordered from King down to ace. There is only one difference between Wasp and Scorpion – if a gap is made, you are able to place any card sequence in it. Sounds straightforward? Don’t worry if not as we explain it all below: 

Step-By-Step Guide To Playing Wasp Solitaire 

  • You start with 49 cards from a 52 card deck (3 cards are added later in the game)

  • There are 7 columns of cards 

    • 4 columns have 3 face-down cards and 4 face-up cards 

    • 3 columns have 7 face-up cards 

  • You play any of your face-up cards, moving them from column to column 

  • You can play face-down cards once you’ve cleared all face-up cards from a column

  • When you have made all your available moves, the last 3 cards are dealt in

Now you know the basics of playing Wasp Solitaire, check out the video below – it shows how to play the game from start to finish: 

Wasp Solitaire Is A Great Game For Fans Of Blackjack

Although it’s a very different game, Wasp Solitaire is ideal for fans of blackjack who are seeking a slower-paced game. This is because both blackjack and Wasp Solitaire are games of control, as we explain below.

In blackjack, control sits with both the gambler and the dealer. The gambler controls how their hand progresses, deciding the action they wish to take. The dealer controls blackjack by issuing the gambler with their cards, determining whether they win or lose the game. 

In Wasp Solitaire all control sits with the player. While the game starts by putting cards into columns at random, once this has happened the player has complete control over how they act – they choose which cards to move and where to move them. 

Wasp Solitaire places great importance on card turning and control, as does blackjack. So, if you’re a fan of blackjack and are looking for a change of pace, Wasp Solitaire could be the perfect game for you. 

Where Can I Play Wasp Solitaire Online? 

There are many great websites that give you the chance to play Wasp Solitaire, with some online casinos including it in the games they offer. Solitaire 247 is perhaps the premier site for Solitaire, providing a range of games that includes Spider, Wasp, Scorpion, and many more. Some of the most popular games available on Solitaire 247 include: 

1 Card Solitaire

One of Solitaire 247’s classic games, the aim of 1 Card Solitaire is to put your cards into four foundations located at the top of the game. Your cards must be in ascending order and of the same suit. 

Spider Solitaire

One of the most widely played versions of Solitaire, Spider Solitaire mixes things up by using two 52 card decks. This makes Spider Solitaire one of the more exciting versions, as it really puts the onus on your concentration level!

The video below gives a great guide on how to play Spider Solitaire: 

bleau. Use the stock card on the right if you get stuck and have no more moves to make.

Yukon Solitaire

If you really want to test yourself, then try Solitaire 247’s Yukon Solitaire. It combines an array of other versions of Solitaire (like HORSE does in poker), creating a game that’s diverse, complex, and enthralling. 


Is Wasp Solitaire A Good Game For Blackjack Fans? 

Blackjack is perhaps the most popular casino game, both at land-based casinos and online casinos. It’s geared towards players who like fast-paced games that put emphasis on control. While Wasp Solitaire has a more sedate pace, it gives you a much greater level of control than blackjack. This means Wasp Solitaire is ideal for blackjack fans that want a more relaxing game. 

Is Spider Solitaire Better Than Wasp Solitaire?  

Spider Solitaire uses two 52 decks, while Wasp Solitaire has just one in play. Due to having twice the number of cards in play, Spider is a more complex type of Solitaire than Wasp. What this means is that neither is necessarily better or worse, but that Spider is suited to advanced Solitaire players while Wasp is great for less experienced gamblers. 

Can I Play Scorpion Solitaire On Solitaire247?

Scorpion Solitaire is one of the many versions of the game that are available on Solitaire247 – you can also play Wasp, Spider, 1 Card, and a whole host more. In addition to Solitaire games, Solitaire247 also has some classic online casino games – including blackjack, slots, and roulette. 


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