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How Much Do People Spend Every Minute Chasing The Lottery Dream?

People spend thousands of pounds buying National Lottery tickets

Everyone daydreams about what their life would look like if they had a life-changing amount of money – the house they’d buy, holidays they’d take, and the car they’d drive. 

Creating 147 new millionaires every six months, the National Lottery allows each and every one of us to fantasise about what we’d do if we were filthy rich.

But how much money do we collectively spend chasing this dream? 

At, we analysed National Lottery stats to show you exactly how much people spend every minute trying to get their hands on a winning ticket.  

National Lottery tickets bought every minute

It costs as little as £1 to chase your National Lottery dream 

Times are hard for many people and the National Lottery sells a dream.

For as little as £1 – even the two flagship lotteries (Lotto and EuroMillions) only cost £2 and £2.50 respectively – you get the chance to earn a dream sum and become a multi-millionaire. Clearly, that’s a potential payoff millions of people find too good to ignore. 

The National Lottery has created 5,530 new millionaires 

The National Lottery was launched in 1994 to sell a simple dream: by spending just a few pennies on a lottery ticket you could win enough money to live the life of a millionaire – you and your family would be able to live where and how you choose. 

There are many important National Lottery facts, but one of the key ones is how many people’s lives it has changed. In 25 years, the National Lottery has created 5,530 new millionaires in the UK from its ticket sales. 

In the six month period between 1 April 2019 and 28 September 2019, dreaming of being one of those millionaires inspired people to spend a massive £3.92 billion on tickets across all National Lottery games.

We got our shocking figures from National Lottery stats

We sourced our National Lottery stats from Camelot’s 1 April to 28 September 2019 report. 

Camelot’s report reveals that National Lottery ticket sales during that period (180 days) totalled £3,921.3 million. To create our infographic, we divided this amount by the total number of minutes in 180 days and, hey presto, we had our number – £15,128.47 spent on National Lottery tickets per minute.  

The report also explains that 147 millionaires were created from 1 April to 28 September 2019. So we calculated how many weeks are in 180 days (25.7143), divided the 147 millionaires created by that amount, and got a total of 5.716. We then rounded this figure up to 6, as per mathematical conventions. 


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