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From TV streaming to bedroom steaming: The Netflix shows to watch for the most ‘chill’

Netflix and Chill

According to the UK dictionary, Netflix and chill means to watch Netflix with a romantic prospect, with the eventual expectation of sexual activity. With millions practicing social distancing by staying at home and Netflix seeing its highest ever demand, the climaxes are not just going to be on screen, if you know what we mean!

But which shows are the best for leading to some “chill” time? To help you out, we at Onlinecasinos have compiled a list of the top 30 Netflix UK shows which are sure to make for a smooth transition from the TV to the bedroom. 

The ranking compiles shows which are highly rated but also full of action – and we’re not talking about car chases! 

So, if you’re stuck at home and you’re looking for a show to guarantee you that perfect ending, look no further than our ranking below.

Netflix and Chill - Key Findings

Key Findings

  • It seems like Shameless US is, well, pretty shameless, coming out on top for the best show to watch to guarantee some Netflix and chill. This takes into consideration IMDB rating, runtime, age rating and % of complaints and about sex and nudity.
  • The supernatural show Sense8 takes the second spot, with the show depicting 8 strangers from around the world finding themselves suddenly emotionally and physically connected – you can imagine what that means!
  • Surprisingly, 50 Shades of Gray comes in at 21st, with the sequel 50 Shades Freed making only 15th in the list.  According to our rankings, you are more likely to “chill” after watching How to Get Away with Murder, coming in at 9th!

Sources and methodology



Onlinecasinos analysed Netflix shows under the genre ‘steamy’ and conducted desk research into the most common shows to watch for sex scenes.

Once the data was collected Onlinecasinos analysed the length of the show, the age rating, IMDB rating and IMDB parental advice for sex and nudity. 

To calculate the chill score we first normalised the data categories individually from 0 to 1 and then summed the results. 

On this scale, for 

  • Runtime  – The higher index would be weighted closer to 0
  • Age rating - The higher rating is weighted closer to 1 
  • IMDB rating  – The higher rating is weighted closer to 1
  • IMDB sexual and nudity complaints  – The higher % is weighted closer to 1

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