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Pro Poker Player & Vlogger Andrew Neeme’s Top Poker Tips

Andrew Neeme is one of the top poker players

One of the best ways to learn poker is to have a real pro player run you through their own hands and explain the logic behind their decisions.

Andrew Neeme is a poker player and vlogger who is currently living in Las Vegas. His YouTube channel has nearly 90,000 subscribers and in 2018 he won Video Blogger of the Year and the People’s Choice Award … at the American Poker Awards.

He’s one of the most engaging and entertaining poker coaches and his videos are full of useful tips. Below we’ve looked at one of his videos, Questionable Decisions at the Bellagio…, and used it to explain how you can improve your own chances of winning the next time you play poker at an online casino.

Detailed poker hand analysis

Andrew Neeme covers a huge amount of ground in a short space of time in his videos. For Questionable Decisions at the Bellagio… we’ve focused on just one of his hands to show you why Andrew is such a great poker player and coach.

One of the highlights of Questionable Decisions at the Bellagio… sees Andrew walking us through how he played pocket kings (clubs and hearts) against a turn card jam by a non-recreational, solid player.

This is the advice that Andrew gives.

Guidance on pre-flop play 

Andrew makes a standard raise up to $30 from under the gun and sees four callers, giving him a five way flop and a pot of $150.

Advice on how you should play on the flop

The flop comes 8 (clubs), 3 (clubs), and 4 (spades). There is one check to Andrew and he bets $70. The early-mid position player makes the call and it is folded round to the big blind who puts in a raise, taking the bet up to $330. The big blind has $900-1000 in his stack and Andrew becomes indecisive.

He runs us through his thought process, considering that there shouldn’t be too many strong hand combinations in this flop – most two pair hands should be unlikely and sets are hard to make. He explains that his opponent is in the big blind and getting good price for the hands he could make from the cards on the table.

Andrew makes a flat call and the player behind him makes the call as well, leading Andrew to believe that this player is on a draw.

Tips on how to bet on the turn

The turn card is an offsuit 7 (heart), which completes the open-ended straight draw on the table. Andrew reviews that this makes it tough to know which hands he should now be concerned about in this spot.

The big blind shoves. Andrew explains that he has played a number of hands with the player in the big blind and that he’s not a loose player, nor ultra tight – he’s solid. With that factor in mind Andrew makes a tight fold that he’s not happy about. The player behind folds too so we never see the big blind’s hand.

How to review your game play

One of the most important parts of improving any card game, whether it is blackjack, baccarat, or poker, is that you review how you acted and see if you made the right calls. This is the best way for you to increase your chances of winning when you play cards at an online casino.

Andrew’s review of where he could of improved on his hand is: “I kind of like in hindsight clicking it back and putting in a min three bet on the flop. Then just get in with the player in the big blind. If he happens to have two pair then we still have equity in that situation.”

This is great advice if you find yourself in a similar position when you are playing poker at one of your favourite online casinos — it could be the difference between you taking down a pot or handing over some of your cash.

You can get the full insight into how Andrew plays his pocket kings, along with lots of other insightful guidance, by watching the full video below...

Why Online Casinos love Andrew Neeme

One of the best things about Andrew Neeme’s coaching is that he’s a poker player who engages with his fans in a truly authentic fashion. Not only does he run you through plenty of the poker hands you’ll come up against, he provides you with links to resources to help improve your own game.

For example, in Questionable decisions at the Bellagio… Andrew offers you the following resources: 

Poker training websites

Poker book

Those tips are great but as valuable as they are to your training they aren’t the main reason that Online Casinos love Andrew Neeme. The real reason? It’s because he’s just so entertaining and easy to watch. You’ll feel like you actually played the hands with him and you’ll be rooting for Andrew to win while you pick up great lessons from him.

If you want to make the best of the the coaching you’ll find in Andrew Neeme’s excellent videos, head over to your favourite online casino today and sit down at a poker table where you can put your skills into practice.

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