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Revealed: The UK Properties with a Selling Sunset Price Tag

Revealed: The UK Properties with a Selling Sunset Price Tag

Amidst the glamour and drama in Selling Sunset, our favourite LA-based real estate agents have been working hard to sell properties across the city, with a hefty price tag.

We’ve compared the highest-priced homes of Selling Sunset to similarly priced properties in the UK, to see what you can get in the UK for an LA price tag; you might be surprised just how much house you can get for your money!

Use the sliders below to see if you would swap LA for London...

North Beverly Hills Drive LA - $75,000,0000 (£59,760,00)

Topping the list for the most expensive house in Selling Sunset is North Beverly Hills Drive LA. The behemoth of a house is priced at a whopping $75,000,0000 (£59,760,00)!

Fly across the pond to London, and you’ll be able to bag a semi-detached house in Hyde Park for £45,000,000 ($57,982,590).

Selling Sunset Property 1: North Beverly Hills Drive LA - 9 Beds, 12 Bathrooms, 15,605 SQFT - Price - $75,000,0000 

UK Comparison: Hyde Park Place, London - 10 Beds, 10 Baths, 16,600 SQFT - Price - £45,000,000

Hillside Drive, Hollywood Hills - $40,000,000 (£31,033,000)

Selling Sunsets iconic $40 million dollar(£31,033,000) home is fitted with a 15-car garage, 175-foot linear pool and state-of-the-art theatre. 

Let’s compare to London. 

For £32,500,000, you can move into a beautiful 6 bedroom luxury flat, which is right in the middle of Knightsbridge, London. 

Selling Sunset Property 2: Hillside Drive, Hollywood Hills - 5 Beds, 9 Baths, 20,000 SQFT - Price - $40,000,000

UK Comparison: Knightsbridge, London - 6 Beds, 6 Baths, 6,886 SQFT - Price - £32,500,00

Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills - $12,495,000 (£9,702,180)

Priced at $12,495,000 (£9,702,180) this Beverly Hills property is equipped with a private hiking trail and Japanese-inspired garden. 

But if you’re looking for a quintessential London home, this Nottinghill property priced at £9,250,000 is perfect for you! 

Selling Sunset Property 3: Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills - 4 Beds, 5 Baths, 5,193 SQFT - Price - $12,495,000

UK Comparison: Nottinghill, London - 5 Beds, 4 Baths, 3,777 SQFT - Price - £9,250,000

Beverly Grove, Hollywood Hills - $10,695,000 (£8,302,047)

Prepare yourself to be amazed: this Hollywood Hills home priced at $10,695,000 (£8,302,047) offers magnificent views of LA and is just a short walk from the Sunset Strip. 

Did we mention the property has its own private massage room? 

Fitted with a music studio, heated swimming pool and sauna cabin, this £8,500,000 Wimbledon property is the ideal family home. 

Selling Sunset Property 4: Beverly Grove, Hollywood Hills - 4 Beds, 5 Baths, 9,993 SQFT - Price - $10,695,000

UK Comparison: Wimbledon, London - 5 Beds, 5 Baths, 8,000 SQFT - Price - £8,500,000

N. Doheny Drive, Los Angeles - $9,750,000 (£7,565,366)

For $9,750,000 (£7,565,366) you can get your hands on Selling Sunsets fifth most expensive home, fitted with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. 

If you’re looking for the perfect party pad, this Exeter mansion has 16 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms located in the main residents, 7,143,840 square foot of property and costs £7,950,000. Bargain! 

Selling Sunset Property 5: N. Doheny Drive Los Angeles - 5 Beds, 6 Baths, 5,589 SQFT - Price - $9,750,000

UK Comparison: Exeter, Devon - 16 Beds, 8 Baths, 7,143,840 SQFT - Price - £7,950,000

Evanview Drive, Los Angeles - $8,000,000 (£6,205,720)

Sneaking in at $8,000,000, this stunning Los Angeles home is still one of the most impressive (and priciest) properties on Selling Sunset

21 Miles out of Central London, you’ll find this 6 bedrooms detached house for £6,250,00, fitted with a private swimming pool and wine cellar. 

Selling Sunset Property 6: - Evanview Drive, Los Angeles  3 Beds, 3  Baths, 4,622 SQFT - Price - $8,000,000

UK Comparison: Leatherhead, Surrey- 6 Beds, 7 Baths,  8,815 SQFT - Price - £6,250,000 

Miller Place, Hollywood Hills - $6,000,000 (£4,670,370)

Listed at $6,000,000 (£4,670,370), Selling Sunsets seventh most expensive property has a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen and private rooftop with outdoor TV and barbeque. Perfect for entertaining! 

Located in one of the most popular residential areas in London, this three-bedroom house in Groom Place has a hefty price tag of £4,950,000

Selling Sunset Property 7: - Miller Place, Hollywood Hills,  4 Beds, 3.5  Baths, 3,000 SQFT - Price - $6,000,000

UK Comparison: Groom Place, Belgravia -3 Beds, 2 Baths,  1,966 SQFT - Price - £4,950,000

N. Beverly Glen Blvd, Los Angeles $5,750,000 (£4,472,896)

Living in central Los Angeles might shorten your commute, but it certainly doesn’t come cheap, this N. Beverly Glen Blvd property is on the market for a whopping $5,750,000 (£4,472,896).

Looking for something a little more remote? This West Sussex property has 631,620 square feet of living space and land, with a private swimming pool and equestrian ground. 

Selling Sunset Property 8: - N. Beverly Glen Blvd, Los Angeles,  4 Beds, 5.5  Baths, 5,128 SQFT - Price - $5,750,000

UK Comparison: Billingshurst, West Sussex -6 Beds, 5 Baths,  631,620 SQFT - Price - £4,500,000

Sunset Plaza, Hollywood Hills - $5,495,000 (£4,275,467)

This modernised home is on the market for $5,495,000 (£4,275,467). It comes complete with a separate guest house and a swimmer’s lap pool, which is always a plus in LA! 

A great example of what you can get for your money in Otford is this detached home in Sevenoaks, on the market for £4,250,000. For this hefty sum, it comes complete with lavish cinema room, gymnasium and separate flat.  

Selling Sunset Property 9: - Sunset Plaza, Hollywood Hills,  5 Beds, 6  Baths, 3,544 SQFT - Price - $5,495,000

UK Comparison: Otford, Sevenoaks- 6 Beds, 6 Baths,  32,670 SQFT - Price - £4,250,000

Harold Way, Hollywood Hills - $5,490,000 (£4,258,675)

The Hollywood Hills house has around 3,708 square foot in living space and hit the market at a whopping $5,490,000. With its unique architectural exterior and large entertaining space, this property is the perfect bachelor pad! 

Located in the prosperous area of Gloucestershire, this private gated residence is on the market for £4,000,000. The property comes complete with private parking, swimming pool and 2.4 acres of garden land. 

Selling Sunset Property 10: - Harold Way, Hollywood Hills,  3 Beds, 3.5  Baths, 3,708 SQFT - Price - $5,490,000

UK Comparison: Gloucestershire, Bristol- 7 Beds, 6 Baths,  104,544 SQFT - Price - £4,000,000

Sources: UK property value via Rightmove.

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