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The 10 Poker Blogs That You Need To Follow

Poker Blogs

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As huge poker fans who began playing at micro stakes level, we know just how important it is to follow the right poker blogs when you’re starting out. 

But the thing about poker is that you never stop learning – even Daniel Negreanu had to go back to the classroom.

While there are thousands of great poker themed blogs out there, we’ve picked ten we know you’ll get a huge amount of value from. 

BlackRain79: Mico Stakes commentary from a real player

It may not be the prettiest site, but looks can be deceiving. This is because BlackRain79 is a poker blog run by a pro with some of the highest micro stakes winnings ever – Nathan Williams. If you want poker commentary from someone who knows how to make the step up from casual player to a professional gambler, you need to visit BlackRain79. 

PokerStars: Great for every level of poker fan

It’s the largest online poker site on the planet and a part of the billion-dollar Stars Group – PokerStars is the first word in poker right now. It’s no surprise that it also has one of the finest poker blogs around – one packed with guides to help players of all levels. 

There’s an enormous amount of content on PokerStars’ blog, with multiple new pieces added every day. You get everything, from updates on the latest PokerStars events to featured interviews with leading poker players. 

CardPlayer: The grandad of poker blogs & magazines 

CardPlayer has been providing poker fans with news, reviews, results, and comments since the 1980s – it was launched in 1988. While it’s not the biggest poker blog in the world, it still has a huge number of followers and you won’t find a more respected site anywhere online. 

888: Experienced commentary on video poker  

On the face of it, 888 might not seem like an obvious fit for the list of best poker blogs – after all, it’s an online casino that offers a lot more than just poker. However, 888 is the leading blog for video poker, making it the perfect place to go to learn more about this variant of poker. 

While content isn’t added to 888 with the same regularity as specialist poker blogs, what you get instead is an impeccable standard of writing – John Grochowski and Jerry Stich are two of the regular contributors and between them they have 50 years experience in the gambling industry. 

Bicycle Cards: Niche poker blog topic with a broad interest 

Cards are essential to poker – without them, there’s no game. From a distance, Bicycle Cards may be a more niche interest poker blog – what can really be said about poker cards? But you’ll quickly discover that there’s not only a lot of interesting things to write about cards, 

but there’s also plenty that can be said about them that improves your poker game. 

You get an extensive (you have to visit the site to appreciate just how much) list of how to play guides. You also get tips on how to improve your shuffling, topical pieces, and blog posts that look at the history of poker – for a niche blog, it’s incredible how many poker fans will find content for them at Bicycle Cards. Ideal for poker players looking to improve

Poker is one of the few casino games where practising and studying really improves your chances of winning. Why? Because while chance plays a big part, the strategic element is crucial to the outcome of your games – if you want to improve your poker strategy, you’ll struggle to find a better blog than

PokerNews: Experienced poker blog with great live coverage 

Founded in 2002, PokerNews has been the front page of online poker commentary for nearly two decades. While the website may look (just) a little dated in comparison to newer poker blogs, it has so much content that no inexperienced site can compete with it. 

As an old hand in poker blogging, you’ll want for nothing when you PokerNews. However, if there’s one area that it really excels in then it’s the live reporting. You get all the headline details of the major poker tournament, along with detailed coverage of the action – if you like live poker, PokerNews is the perfect blog for you. 

Reddit Poker: Where the poker fans have their say 

It might be cheating a little to include a Reddit thread (it means that a dedicated poker blog loses out), but that’s fine by us. Why? Because this is a place where you’ll find fans sharing their thoughts, tips, and, tricks – and what more could you want than poker commentary by your fellow players?

Online Casinos: Passionate new gambling blog for poker fans

Online Casinos has a lot of catching up to reach the heights of respected poker commentators, like 888 – let alone rival the established specialist poker blogs. However, it more than compensates for this by posting blogs written by people who are incredibly passionate about the game. 

Online Casinos’ poker blog posts are written by people who play the game regularly at low stakes levels and watch the higher stakes levels. What this means is that you get beginner’s guides from people who still remember what it was like starting out, along with in-depth pieces from students of the game who a reading about it every day. 

Online Poker Report: The place to go for legal updates 

Poker has a chequered legal history, with Black Friday leading to some serious changes in the availability of the game in the US. If you’re looking for a blog that gives you the latest updates on how the game is regulated in America, then you can’t go wrong with Online Poker Report. 

These ten great poker blogs won’t teach you everything there is to know about poker – all the blogs in the world combined couldn’t do that. But what they’ll do is give you the basics, the gossip, and all the other key things you need to know about poker.

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