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How many of your friends are real?

The rise of social media means we now have more friends than ever before, or do we? In reality, only a tiny percentage of these individuals could be classed as our real buddies.

Take our friendship analysis quiz and we'll reveal how many of your so-called social media friends really cut the mustard when it comes to being there when times get tough.

How many Facebook friends do you have?


How many of these friends have you met in the flesh?

Of these friends, how many have you had a night out with?

So, you've enjoyed a night out with these friends, but how many of them would you invite to your next milestone birthday party?

Something's on your mind and you really need to tell someone. How many of your friends can you trust to keep a secret?

Work is wearing you down and it's time for a last-minute break… How many of your closest friends could you spend a weekend away with, just you and them?

You're running a little low on cash towards the end of your weekend break and don't want to approach the bank… How many of your friends could you ask?

You find yourself in a sticky situation and need a lifeline fast… How many friends from your closest inner circle could you call for help?

You have real friend(s)

Between 1-5 Friends

When it comes to friends, you believe less is most definitely more. In keeping a small yet perfectly formed group of people close to your heart, you're able to dedicate more quality time to each friendship and be there for one another through thick and thin.

Between 6-20 Friends

You're clearly a people person that loves spending time with others, which is reflected in your busy social calendar. At times you may struggle to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest, but they all know you're just a phone call away in times of need.

Over 21 friends

Your overwhelming popularity means that you rarely get a moment to yourself, but the chances are you love nothing more than being with others. You're most likely a member of an insane number of WhatsApp groups and are rarely off your phone - just beware of double booking your social meet ups!

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