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The Future of


With the UK in their 3rd lockdown in 10 months, many are again turning to video games as a way to pass the time and get a little escapism from the world. But just how much will popular gaming consoles and games cost in 2030? And which gaming brands have the reputation for being the priciest to play?

2020 also saw the emergence of the next generation of consoles with rivals Sony and Microsoft launching their latest creations, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, to the market. Within 30 minutes, the PlayStation 5 was sold out of pre-order sales showing an increasing demand for the latest tech despite the $500 price tag.

We've taken a look at 40 popular games consoles from the last 50 years to see whether games consoles and video games are getting cheaper or more expensive over time as well as predicting just how much these popular consoles could cost in the future.

How much has the price of

games consoles

changed over time?

How much has the price of

Video games

changed over time?

The first mainstream console to hit the market was the Magnavox Odyssey for $100. By today's standard, it was a relatively basic console with simple to play games such as Table Tennis and Simon Says built-in. Today, however, the newest generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, retailed at launch for $500 but with much more advanced technology to bring the latest games to life for their players.

Continuing the upward trend, consoles in 2040 could end up costing gamers over $700 at launch!

The Price of Games Consoles over Time

(adjusted for inflation)



Release year

Introductory price
on release

Adjusted for 2020

Global sales

On the face of things, it seems that consoles are set to get more expensive over the next few years, but when adjusted for inflation, they have, on the whole, actually become a lot cheaper to purchase compared to older consoles.

Over the years video games have, on average, been around the same price at launch from $30-$40 per game. Unlike the Magnavox Odyssey which had games preloaded onto the console, in modern times users will need to purchase their games separately, on average forking out up to $70 per game for the new AAA titles.

Interestingly, the price of video games for consoles, on average and accounting for inflation, seemed to level out between 2005-2015 which consistently saw AAA titles priced at $50-$60 but with the new generation of consoles, that average price is rising to over $70 for AAA titles. As time goes on it might not seem too far fetched to predict that video games could cost $90 and beyond if the upward trend continues!

The Price Of Video Games For Consoles Over Time



Launch Date

Average Cost of Game at Launch

Average Cost of Game 2021

As with consoles, when we looked at video games within the context of inflation, games in the modern era are actually cheaper in comparison to their older counterparts like those for the Atari 2600, which in today's money would cost you $164 per game!


Data for the cost of the games consoles, including the 2020 price after inflation, came from the Wikipedia article 'Video Game Consoles'. For the average price of video games for each console, including the 2020 price after inflation, data was collected from TechRaptor's 'The Cost of Gaming Since the 1970's' research.