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Leave Your World Behind for a Jumanji Adventure

Leave Your World Behind for a Jumanji Adventure

Mr. Green’s is thrilled to bring NetEnt’s latest jungle video slot game to our players. Inspired by the classic movie, Jumanji takes you into a wild tropical adventure, complete with wild animals and free spins!

Jumanji is a fast-paced action game with the potential to win big!

With familiar board game elements, free spin features, and bonuses that can net you 500x your bet, this is a game experience not to be missed. Not only can you win big in the game but you can win even bigger in the bonus rounds!

Tame the Monkey Mayhem, survive the Wild Stampede, surf the Monsoon Wilds, and escape the Sticky Vines to win big! It’s a cinematic rollercoaster with fast, entertaining play that will keep you coming back to score.

Instant cash wins and mystery bonuses just sweeten the pot!

Rabid monkeys, giant mosquitoes, angry lions, and flesh-eating plants are all part of the fun in this high-octane mix of action and adventure that pays homage to one of our favorite ’90s movies. Roll the dice and summon your courage because things are about to get surprisingly dangerous as you work your way through an innovative 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 board layout with incredible sound and visual effects that draw from the original Jumanji franchise.

Place your bets today, and head off on your jungle adventure! But make sure you can finish what you’ve started because you don’t just play Jumanji—you survive it.