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Difference Between Poker & Video Poker

Poker and Video Poker– Differences between Poker and Video Poker

There are several differences between poker and video poker with each game having its own attractiveness.

The Benefits of Video Poker as Opposed to Poker

Video poker has been around for decades and can be found adorning the floors of most of the world’s land based casinos. In essence, video poker is a combination of both slots and 5 card poker. However, the difference between video poker and slots is that the player has some say in how the game is played. In slots, the player just pressed a button in the hope that a winning combination will be struck.

The main difference between video poker and poker is that video poker is very much contained. Video poker can be played both online and offline and requires just a surface knowledge of poker. Furthermore, due to the fact that the game is computerised, there are many variations of video poker which exist. Many players prefer the simplicity of video poker as opposed to poker’s strict rules and strategies. Players can also control their bankrolls much easier in video poker as the bets are more systematic, and therefore not as erratic as poker betting.

The Benefits of Poker as Opposed to Video Poker

The difference between poker and video poker is quite tangible. Many poker players believe that video poker is an easy alternative to poker as it requires far less skill. There is something unique about sitting around a land based or online poker table. There is no way to predict perfectly how other players are playing their cards whereas in video poker the result of the game depends solely on a player’s card combination. Winning hands are paid out according to the pay table on display and cards which do not rank (usually Jacks or better) result in the bet being lost.

Poker relies much on a player’s ability to stay cool under pressure and this is what attracts many players to poker. The game teaches players how to manipulate, play under intense stress and to exercise self control. The players who do not have these qualities are the players which lose their stacks much quicker.

The Difference Between Poker and Video Poker Concluded

The differences between poker and video poker are numerous. Whichever game a player decides to play depends entirely on the personality of the player in question and what a player is looking for. Video poker is quicker and requires far less skill than poker. Even players with just a base knowledge of the game are able to win at video poker.

Poker, on the other hand, requires much more patience and skill. Poker also requires a lot more time in order to become good at the game. Players who have the time to sit around a poker table should do so. Players who have less time on their hands due to family and work constraints should stick to video poker. However, there is no reason why these two games should not co-exist. Many poker players still enjoy a round or two of video poker and many beginners find that video poker is the perfect stepping stone to poker.

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