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Poker Security

Poker Security – Safety Measures Adopted in Online Poker Rooms

Security is a major concern at all online poker rooms, who employ different methods to ensure security for players’ account information and transactions.

Overview of Online Poker Security

The Internet has driven the popularity and reach of the gambling industry to new heights. The entire experience has been literally about growth and learning, with the major development in the area of security and safety. This is true about poker as well. More and more people are flocking to the huge number of websites offering online poker games.

One of the main issues that online poker sites face is security. In the virtual world that the Internet is, it is not too difficult, if you are not careful, to break into a person’s account and tamper with their personal information or transactions. There have been such instances in the past, some where malicious elements have breached the security network of a poker website and wreaked havoc, and others where spurious poker websites have made off with members’ deposits.

Security Measures in Online Poker Rooms

Online poker rooms take a number of precautions to ensure you have a completely free and secure online poker experience with them. Some of these are basic precautions while others are advanced measures that. Measures include ensuring none of your personal information or online transaction is tampered with as well as preventing different players from teaming up together and working the game to their advantage, a move that is commonly referred to as collusion.

It is not enough to just have adequate security measures; you also need to have punitive measures in place against offending players, and most online poker rooms have stringent policies to deal with players caught cheating or malicious elements trying to break into players’ accounts. These measures include cancellation of the guilty players’ accounts with the poker room, recovery of any monies they may have won using fraudulent means, and also legal action.

Most online poker rooms use security firewalls and encryption software to ensure all their transactions are completed in a totally secure environment. They also store player information on secure servers that are located in physically secure locations to ensure no one can break in and steal any of this information, which is usually confidential.

Security Measures Against Collusion and Other Unfair Practices

To prevent collusion, online poker rooms employ random reviews of the log files of the players to see if there is any particular pattern to the way in which they place their wagers during the course of play. This kind of random checking ensures there is enough probability of catching players involved in collusion. Online poker rooms nowadays also have security checks to ensure that an actual player is involved in a game, and not machine-based programs that have the ability to replicate the way a human would play a game.

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