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Instadebit is a Canadian based company that provides online financial processing services throughout Canada and up to 30 additional countries as of now.  Instadebit has tied up with just about every bank and financial institution in Canada and has become one of the most popular methods of payment at online websites and online casinos in Canada. The service is unique as users do not need to fund their Instadebit account in order to use it as they can directly make purchases from a merchant’s site as their bank account is automatically debited when they use the Instadebit service.

If you would like to use an Instadebit account, you will have to visit the website and complete a registration process which is simple and fast. You will be asked for your personal information and once it is verified, you will be able to use your Instadebit account to make deposits and withdrawals. There are also a number of online casinos which accept Instadebit payments and usually have the Instadebit logo on their payment processing page to indicate that Instadebit is accepted.


✓  Security: Users will have to enter their personal information at the Instadebit website during the sign-up process but after that they no longer need to enter any personal or financial information when making online payments. If a player is going to use their Instadebit account at an online casino website, they will have to link their Instadebit account to the online casino initially. They can then make deposits and withdrawals very quickly and can avoid entering their debit and credit card details.

✓  Anonymous:  There are a number of players who want to keep their identity confidential and not disclose the fact that they are playing and spending money at an online casino. By using their Instadebit account, they can not only keep their identity confidential but also avoid online casino transactions from appearing on their debit and credit card monthly statements.

✓  Customer Support: There is Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the Instadebit website that provides a lot of information to help users with their queries and concerns. There is also a customer support team on standby who are ready to assist with e-mail, telephone and live chat support.


✓  Limited Availability: Instadebit is not as popular as PayPal and Neteller and is only available in 30 countries as of now. The limited availability is one of the major drawbacks for Instadebit as of now.

✓  Few Online Casinos: There are also a limited number of online casinos that accept Instadebit payments and hence players who are relying on their Instadebit account to play at an online casino are severely restricted in the choice of online casino they can register with.  


Instadebit is a popular payment processing service that is currently available in 30 countries. There are a few online casinos that accept Instadebit payments especially in Canada.