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10 Epic Gambling Gifts For Casino Lovers (2019 Update)

Our gambling list has gambling gifts that every casino lover will adore

There are so many great gambling gifts to choose from that it makes it simple to pick birthday and Christmas presents for casino loving friends, colleagues or loved ones. 

We’ve made it that bit easier for you by picking some epic gambling gifts that cater to a range of casino lovers, from educational tools to foreign holidays. 

Educational gambling gifts: Daniel Negreanu poker masterclass

Why do people visit either top online casinos or quality land casinos? To have fun, of course; but that’s not all – there are plenty of ways to have fun, so what makes casinos unique? That’s right, you can win some money. 

There are two ways to increase your chances of winning casino card games: practice and studying – getting your casino loving associate a subscription to Daniel Negreanu’s poker masterclass is the perfect way to help their studies. 

Daniel is possibly the world’s most famous poker player and he’s certainly one of the finest. Naturally, Daniel has plenty of knowledge to pass on. For £29.99 a month (or £199 a year). Daniel’s masterclass is pricey, but it’s one of the few gifts that might win its recipient some money. 

Custom gambling gifts: personalised scratch cards 

Want to send a casino loving person a message? Then we recommend doing it via a personalised scratch card – after all, if they adore gambling, they won’t be able to resist scratching away the silver UV ink. 

You get one square on a 7 x 10 cm card that includes the message of your choice – such as informing a partner you’ve booked them a weekend away or inviting relatives to an event. The personalised scratch cards are available via Etsy, all you need to do is decide what message to include on this great gambling gift – which costs just £3.67. 

Cool gambling gifts: Andrew Neeme t-shirt 

Looking and feeling cool in the casino can give gamblers an understated advantage when they bet – it makes them feel at ease and distracts their opponents, which could be the difference between winning and losing a game. If you want to look cool at the casino, then we recommend wearing one of Andrew Neeme’s t-shirts. 

Andrew Neeme is the finest poker vlogger around. His YouTube channel has 125k subscribers and his videos are full of top tips, including detailed hand analysis. Andrew’s fame has allowed him to branch out into ecommerce and you can buy a range of items from his store. While there are plenty of great items, we recommend the two-tone FVRBL t-shirt – it’s a gambling gift that will bring the wearer plenty of street cred when they head to the casino.

Useful gambling gifts: high-quality playing cards

If you know someone who loves casinos, then you can bet they know the value of good playing cards. 

Poor-quality playing cards bend and break, disrupting the flow of games and sometimes causing hands to be mucked. High-quality playing cards keep your hands secret and allow you to shuffle. 

Invest in a set of top-notch cards today and give your casino loving friend, colleague or loved one a gambling gift they’ll find genuinely useful. 

Punctual gambling gifts: Las Vegas poker chip watch

As your casino loving gift recipient will tell you: timing is crucial in gambling – it can be the difference between extracting maximum value from a competitor or giving them an advantage that allows them to win a wager against you. What better way to keep the importance of this in mind than with a Las Vegas poker chip watch?

Featuring poker’s four card suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs), you can select from 13 different styles – from black vintage leather through to two-tone gold and silver. You can pick up this delightful gambling gift from Zazzle for only £47.35. 

Drinking gambling gifts: roulette including 16 shot glasses

Does your casino adoring friend, colleague, or loved one also enjoy having a drink? Then they’ll be a big fan of a gift that combines these two things – that’s where the drinking roulette set, which includes 16 shot glasses, comes in. 

It puts 16 shot glasses in a circle around a roulette wheel, adding an additional communal feel to any home gambling sessions. 

You can pick up this excellent gambling gift for just £6.90. Order now while the price is still low! 

Classic gambling gifts: 'Dogs Playing Poker' picture 

The classics never die and that’s no less true of gambling gifts – if you’re looking for a timeless gift for a casino lover, then you can’t go wrong with a 'Dogs Playing Poker' picture by Cassius Marcellus. 

There are 16 pictures in Marcellus’ Dogs Playing Poker series, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Our pick is Poker Game, which features four pooches caught in the midst of a card game. You can buy this gambling gift from Wayfair today, with prices ranging from £29.99 to £36.99. 

Kitsch gambling gifts: slot machine gran salt & pepper shakers

As much as it’s great to pick gambling gifts that are cool or useful, stocking fillers are best when they’re kitsch – just tacky enough to stay out of the bin. 

While there are plenty of kitsch gambling gifts we adore, the Casino Slots Machine Queen Grandma Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers is our pick.

Not only does it look tasteless, but it also helps make your food taste better. We guess it’s possible to be both tacky and useful. 

Outdoor gambling gifts: Jackpot city casino bird house

Know a casino lover with fingers as green as the tables they wager at? Then they’ll adore a gambling gift that combines their two passions. How does one combine these two things in one present, you ask? With the Jackpot city casino bird house. 

It costs just £16.72 (that fee includes all additional costs) and provides a classy home, or resting spot – meaning you can expect your gift to lead to an increase in casino loving birds! 

Travelling gambling gifts: Visit to a swish casino

Finishing things up with what might seem to be the least imaginative gambling gift – a visit to one of the best places in the world for a casino getaway

It’s simple, really, if your gambling adoring gift recipient loves visiting casinos, then they’ll go nuts for the chance to experience a new one in a different country. 

One thing to keep in mind when picking your destination is the nation’s laws and regulations regarding gambling winnings – while UK gamblers pay no tax on their winnings, this isn’t true of places like the USA. So do your research, then book the ideal holiday for a casino lover! 

Whether you casino loving gift recipient loves kitsch presents or cool clothes, there’s something in our list of ten great ideas. All you need to do now is decide which one(s) to get them! 

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