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Badugi Poker Tips

Easy to Learn Badugi Poker Tips

Badugi is a well known draw poker game which has a committed following. Knowing some Badugi poker tips are a great way to feel confident about your game.

Learn Other Draw Games

The tips that you will need to do well at Badugi will be similar to those that will help you do well in other draw games. Badugi poker tips if taken into consideration and followed, should make you a stronger, more competitive player in other types of poker games, especially draw ones.

Be Cautious

The players that do the best are those that are initially cautious. It is generally a good idea to take things slow at first, scope out your competition and then hit it hard after the first few hands.

Put in the Time

There are few things in life that will replace experience or that are more important. There are some things that you are able to learn only by playing. It is important to note that experience doesnít come cheap. However, you donít have to break the bank. There are a number of places online where you can play for free. You may also want to call up your buddies for a no-stakes game.

Decide on Strategy

To avoid being all over the place, find a good system (strategy) and then apply it to your play. You can find a good number of them online, many which will be free. Learn the rules first then go through a few systems. This way you will know whether or not they make sense and are even realistic. You might find that you want to combine elements from a number of different systems. Whatever strategy you choose, it is important that you practice it as much as you can so that you can master it. Look for places to play for free until you feel confident that it works.

Watch the Cards

Pay close attention to the cards that are being played. This will let you know if you have a real shot at winning or if you need to fold and get out without losing too much money.

Check Out Your Opponents

It is important that you carefully study your opponents. Look at their mannerisms, tells and style of play. This should help you tremendously when you face them.

Get Aggressive

You wonít want to start off the game aggressively. However, once you reach the second round, you will to start turning up the pressure.

Take Advantage of Others

I know this isnít normally good advice. However, when you are gambling, all bets are off (no pun intended). Because many people donít have a firm grasp on the, the competition is often moderate to easy. If you are really good at the game, you can do quite well for yourself playing against players that are not.

Go Hard Early

At face value, this seems to be contradicting the first but it doesnít really. You should only follow this advice if you have a strong hand. If you do, attempt to get as many players as you can to fold early by making bets and raising as much as possible.

Stay under Control

Badugi can be frustrating. Always do your best to keep your emotions under control.

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