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Razz Tips

Great Tips for Razz Poker Players

Razz poker tips will help a new poker player become better at this form of the game and help you win at Razz poker.

Know the Game

Razz poker is an off-shoot of the popular poker game Seven Card Stud. The goal is to have the lowest possible hand. Each player is given 7 cards. They will be able to see three cards and the remaining four can be seen by the other players. Reciting all of the rules of Razz is beyond the scope of this article. One of the best things about Razz poker is that it is pretty simple and is fairly easy to learn.

Learn How to Bluff

Bluffing is an important part of playing Razz. Sometimes to stay in the game, you have to make your opponents think that you are a threat even when you are not. Now, you wonít want to take this too far. If you know that you have no chance of winning and are playing against some experienced players, you may want to quit the shenanigans and fold. However, if you think you can get away with it and there is not too much money at stake, you may want to bluff once in a while.

Let Them Catch You Bluffing

Your opponents will definitely be watching you, at least the goods one will. They will be trying to figure out what your tendencies are, what hands you like to play and how to determine when you are bluffing. Every once in a while, just to keep the other players off guard, let them catch you bluffing. Once they catch you, they may assume that they know what your tells are. When they do, they become susceptible. Simply act like you are bluffing and make them pay when they bite.

Play For Free

This is one of the most basic but important Razz poker tips that you will find. Always play for free when you are just learning or when you want to try out a new system or strategy. This will allow you to work on your game, get out any kinks and simply put in the time necessary to get better without wagering any real money. Many, top poker websites will offer their members free poker games. Be smart and take advantage.

Spend Time Studying

If you want to learn the game, you will have to study. You can find great information at websites that are solely dedicated to poker strategy. You may also want to take advantage of the free poker schools that are made available by various poker rooms or casinos. Donít overlook this Razz tip. It will help you tremendously.

Find Great Poker Rooms

One of the best ways to improve your chances of finding good games with nice sized payouts is to find great poker rooms. Quality poker rooms will have safeguards in place to discourage cheating, will keep your financial information safe, will provide decent competition and nice size payouts.

Donít Hesitate To Fold

It is important to know when to fold your hand. Even when there is not a lot of money at stake, you wonít want to throw away your chips unnecessarily.

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