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Not very well known, but gaining popularity is the All Africa Poker Tournament held annually in Swaziland.

Overview of the All Africa Poker Tournament

The All Africa Poker Tournament (which is also known as the AAPT) is a major poker tournament in Africa and is part of the World Poker Tour. It is, in fact, a series of four poker tournaments that are held over the course of a year.

The All Africa Poker Tournament is not a very well known tournament. Most poker enthusiasts are aware that there is a World Poker Tour event in Africa, but don't know any more details. Even the fact that there is an event in Africa at all was only made aware to some overseas players recently. In 2007, Raymond Rahme won a seat to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) through the All Africa Poker Tournament. He became the first player from the continent of Africa to appear at a final table of the WSOP and, in fact, he won third place in the event. For his stunning performance he was awarded $3,048,025 a huge amount of money by any standards. Rahme's performance also increased the reputation of the All Africa Poker Tournament which was unheard of in many poker circles. The tournament is now awarding even more seats to the World Series of Poker to its final players in an effort to continue to increase its reputation.


History of the All Africa Poker Tournament

The All Africa Poker Tournament was once a casual tournament with players sitting around and dealing their own games. It was officially launched in February 2005 with 90 players. Since then it has grown to host 120 players and it is considered a world class event. It has been given the nickname the "Richest Poker Tournament in Africa" and it certainly has succeeded in making some instant millionaires. It takes place four times a year and awards seats to the prestigious World Series of Poker. All four of the All Africa Poker Tournaments are aired on African television, particularly, although not exclusively, in South Africa.

With most major poker tournaments being held in the northern hemisphere, the All Africa Poker Tournament is a big draw for poker professionals in the southern hemisphere. It is held at the Pigg's Peak Hotel and Casino in Swaziland. It is now running its 11th season and it continues to attract players of note. Some well-known poker players who can be found at the All Africa Poker Tournament are Christopher Convery, Peter Vermass, Ryan Brauer, Raymond Rahme, Neville Eber and Ryan Eber (who are father and son). Some local celebrities who are making a name for themselves at the All Africa Poker Tournament include Alex Jay, Danny K and Neil Andrews.

Team All Africa

The All Africa Poker Tournament, besides for their monetary prizes, offers seats to the World Series of Poker. Most recently, they offered nine such seats. Part of Team All Africa at the 2009 WSOP will include Raymond Rahme, Michael Simoes, Greg Ronaldson, Peter Vermaas, Gordon Harris, James Gubb, Ryan Eber, Darren Miller, Nik Rujevic, David Spangenberg, Reynhart van Rooyen and Allistair Didloff.

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