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What are Freeroll Tournaments?

What are Freeroll Tournaments? An Overview of Poker Freerolls

Freeroll poker tournaments offer many advantages to the online poker rooms, as well as to the player.

What is a Freeroll Poker Tournament?

Freeroll poker tournaments are poker tournaments that cost nothing to enter, but which still offer a prize pool to the winner. It is possible that you may require a certain number of loyalty points to enter, but no real money needs to be spent. The prizes in the pool may include a monetary prize, merchandise, gifts or even entry into other tournaments. Freeroll tournaments are generally hosted by online poker rooms as they have much lower costs than land-based poker rooms.

Why Do Poker Rooms Host Freeroll Poker Tournaments?

Freeroll poker tournaments are a form of advertising for online poker rooms. They can be used as promotional offers or simply as tournaments that anyone is able to enter. Allowing players to enter freeroll tournaments is a way for the player to trial the poker room the graphics, the features and the general level of play on the site without risking any money. They offer these in the hopes that the players will then stay on. The poker room sponsors the prizes for the tournaments. Some online poker rooms host many freeroll poker tournaments that each offer small prizes, while others may host only a few poker freerolls, but with large prize pools.

The Advantages of Entering Poker Freeroll Tournaments

There are many advantages to entering poker freeroll tournaments for the players. For those who are new to competitive poker, freeroll tournaments are an ideal solution. They allow you to practice your poker game and tournament strategy without having to risk any of your own money. In addition, you are competing to win real money prizes. These facts then also lead to reduced stress levels during the game. This means that you can concentrate on your strategy without being sidetracked by losing your money. Freeroll poker tournaments can be used as an opening card to main events and this is attractive for players who may not be able to afford high buy-ins. Some players also use freeroll tournaments in order to win enough money to join a poker tournament with a high buy-in.

Disadvantages of Playing in Poker Freeroll Tournaments

Due to the fact that the freeroll tournaments are free to enter, it is possible that only the worst players will enter these tournaments. Particularly the freeroll tournaments that offer small prize money, may only see players who are completely new to competitive poker or who are not prepared to risk their money and therefore are not concerned by the outcome of the tournaments. On the other hand, this is not always the case and despite the fact that you have paid nothing to enter, you may find yourself sitting across from a highly skilled tournament player. Freeroll poker tournaments also often attract large crowds which then reduce your chance of winning. It has also been noted that less than 10% of players of freeroll poker tournaments see a substantial payoff. In other words, in order to win big by playing in freeroll poker tournaments, you need to be very good and you need to play many tournaments.

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