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Credit, Debit & Prepaid Cards

Credit Cards


Most online casinos look to provide their players with multiple options when it comes to deposit and withdrawal options. While e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard have become popular in recent times, the credit card continues to be one of the most popular payment methods. Credit Cards have been around longer than most of the other payment options available at online casinos and as a result continues to be one of the first choices of most players at online casinos.

There are numerous benefits to using a credit card at an online casino. We list some of them below:


✓  Processing Time: When a player decides to make a deposit at an online casino, they want to make sure that the transaction takes place efficiently and quickly, so that it does not interrupt their gaming experience and flow. It usually takes a few minutes for a player to enter their credit card details at the online casino during registration. Players have the option of saving their credit card information online, to make it easier for future depositions, which can be done within a few minutes.

✓  Security: One of the reasons why credit cards are so popular at online casinos is because they are a lot safer than some of the other online payment methods. There is a 16 digit credit card number to be entered, followed by a verification process to ensure that there is multiple security authentications required before final approval is given. This makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to use a credit card and get away with it easily.

✓  Bank Statements: One of the ways for players to keep track on how much they are spending/depositing at an online casino is to regularly keep tab of their monthly credit card statements which will give them a total amount of the money spent. Players can also cross-check between their credit card statements and online casino deposits to see if everything is in order.


✓  Identity Theft: One of the biggest threats that both online casinos and players face is over a cyber attack where the security of the online casino is compromised and player data is compromised. As a result, all of the reputed online casinos invest heavily in cyber security and use the latest encryption technologies to ensure that their players private and financial information is kept confidential at all times.

✓  Credit Card Debt: Credit cards are popular because it allows individuals to spend the bank’s money and pay it back later with compound interest. While this is beneficial in many ways, some players can end up spending excessive amounts of money at online casinos, get into massive debt and then struggle to pay off their credit cards.


Credit cards are a reliable and popular payment method at online casinos. Players should use their credit cards only at registered and licensed online casinos to ensure that their financial data is not compromised.