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Credit, Debit & Prepaid Cards

Entropay Cards


Entropay cards are virtual Visa cards which operate in a similar way to any debit or credit card. Entropay cards are pre-paid cards that allow individuals to use their cards at both land based stores and online websites. It is a very simple process to get an Entropay card. Users will have to visit the Entropay website and signup for an account, which is similar to signing up for an e-mail account.

Users will then have to link either a debit or credit card to their Entropay account and then top up their Entropay card for whatever amount they decide to. They will then receive a 16 digit Entropay card number along with a pin that they will have to enter when they use their card. There are many online casinos that have no problem accepting Entropay cards. Some of the main benefits of using an Entropay card:


✓  Anonymous:  Players who do not want to disclose their identity at an online casino or do not want to receive credit card and debit card bank statements that highlight the fact that they are spending money at online casinos, can use the Entropay card as it keeps their identity anonymous.

✓  Security:  Players no longer have to enter their credit or debit card information at an online casino and hence they limit their liability. This is because the Entropay card is a top up card and should the online casino’s security be compromised; the Entropay card will protect the user due to the anonymity and limited balance that is associated with the card.

✓  Withdrawals: Players also have the option of withdrawing their winnings from an online casino onto their Entropay card. However players who are first time users of the Entropay card must completed a minimum of one transaction before withdrawing funds from an online casino onto their card.

✓  Payroll Management: Since the Entropay card is a pre-paid card, online casino players can easily keep track of the amount of money that they are spending at an online casino. Players who have issues with problem gambling, can also set limits as to the number of times and the total amount of money they will upload on to their Entropay card.  

✓  Mobile App: The Entropay Virtual Visa mobile app makes it easy for users to keep track of their Entropay top-ups and all transactions. The mobile app is compatible with the Android platform and is available for download free of charge.

✓  Entropay Charges: Entropay does not charge customers for every transaction carried out. There are charges imposed whenever top-ups are made and Entropay card users should keep track of the different currency conversion rates being used when they are making a purchase that is not in their base currency.


 The Entropay card is a virtual visa card that protects the identity of the user and also helps them control their spending as it is a pre-paid card.