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Citadel Commerce developed the MyCitadel e-wallet with the focus of being a robust, fast and secure way of processing online payments across the world. Users will have to go to the MyCitadel home page and register for an e-wallet. They will find the process to be very simple and will have to link either a credit card, online bank account or a set up a wire transfer to deposit funds into the MyCitadel e-wallet. There is no charge for creating a MyCitadel account and the company also accepts debit card deposits for Asian customers.

There are a number of online casinos especially in the United Kingdom (UK) who accept MyCitadel payments and some of them even offer the myCitadel Express Pay services which enable online casino players to make deposits to their online casino accounts swiftly. MyCitadel offers its services in English, Spanish, German and French.


✓  Anonymous:  MyCitadel users will initially have to link their online bank accounts or enter their credit or debit card details at the MyCitadel website so that they can top up their MyCitadel e-wallet. Once this is done, users no longer have to enter any of their private and confidential information to make purchases at any online websites. All they need to do is enter their MyCitadel details to make a payment and complete their purchase.

✓  Security: MyCitadel users the latest encryption technologies that major banks and financial instructions from around the world adopt to ensure that its customer’s financial data remains secure at all times. It is highly recommended that online casino players user their MyCitadel payment information only at registered and licensed online casinos in order to ensure that their MyCitadel account information is not compromised.   

✓  Fund Transfers:  MyCitadel accepts a number of different curries including USD, Euros, GBP, CAD, RMB (China) and SEK. The company plans to add more currencies in the coming months. Players who want to transfer their online casino winnings to their MyCitadel account will find that is a simple process. They can then transfer their MyCitadel balance to their registered bank account at any point of time.

✓  Payroll Management: Online casino players who are using the MyCitadel e-wallet will have better control over their payroll management as they are not directly using their debit or credit cards. They can set a limit as to how much money they are going transfer to their MyCitadel e-wallet every month and then make sure that they do not carry out any other transfers once that limit is exhausted each month.

✓  Customer Service:  MyCitadel has detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that answers most of the common questions that customers are bound to have. They also have a well trained customer support team that provides 24/7 customer support.


MyCitadel is one of the leading e-wallets that provide financial services throughout the world. There are a number of casinos especially in Europe that accept MyCitadel services.