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PayPal is an American company that was founded in 1998 and is one of the most popular e-wallets today. It is extremely easy for users to create a PayPal account as all they have to do is visit the PayPal website and signup for an account. They will have to link a credit or debit card to the account to fund their PayPal account.

PayPal has a global processing network that makes it easy for PayPal users from around the world to use their PayPal accounts without any problems. There are a number of online casinos that allow players to use their PayPal accounts to make deposits and withdrawals.  Apart from an online PayPal account, PayPal also issues pre-paid Mastercard's that operate similar to debit and credit cards but required to be topped up.


✓  Anonymous: There are some players who do not want to disclose their identity at an online casino for a number of reasons. By using PayPal’s services, they will be able to do exactly this as they do not have to disclose any of their debit or credit card details, just their PayPal ID and password. Players who have opted for a PayPal card can also enter their 16 digit PayPal card number and carry out their transaction quickly and efficiently.  

✓  Security: PayPal is a global payment processing company that adopts the latest cyber security to ensure that its extensive global database is protected from DDoS and cyber attacks. Online casinos who offer PayPal processing also use robust technology which integrates well with PayPal services to allow players a smooth user experience.

✓  Payroll Management:  Whether a player is using their digital PayPal account or their PayPal card, they must make a deposit to their PayPal account before they can use the card. Since this is virtually a top up card or digital account, online casino players can keep an account of their spending and if they feel they are spending too much, can immediately stop funding their PayPal card or digital account.

✓  Mobile App:  PayPal also has a mobile app that is applicable with both Android and iOS platforms. The mobile app allows users to quickly top up their accounts, recharge their cards and keep track of their PayPal transactions.

✓  PayPal Charges: PayPal does charge a transaction fee for deposits and withdrawals. Users who are carrying out cross-currency charges will do well to keep track of the exchange rates being used to ensure they know how much of money PayPal is charging them in total.

✓  Customer Support: PayPal has an extensive FAQ section that answers most of the common questions and issues a user will confront. The company also has a highly trained customer support team that can be reached via phone, email and live chat support.


 PayPal is an online financial processing company that offers e-wallets and PayPal card processing which can be used at a number of online casinos.