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How to play sic bo

How to Play Sic Bo – Learning How to Play Sic Bo

It is important to understand Sic Bo bets and payouts if a player wants to learn how to play Sic Bo properly.

Purpose of Sic Bo

The basic idea of Sic Bo and online Sic Bo is very simple. You want to predict the outcome of the three dice used, and to make the most you can by wagering on those outcomes.

What are the Sic Bo bets and Payouts?

There are in total 7 different kinds of bet that can be wagered in Sic Bo and online Sic Bo. The precise payouts can differ from place to place, but this will give you the ballpark figures:

Sic Bo Game Play

Actual game play of Sic Bo is very straight forward. The Table is divided into several sections each of which represents a different bet. When game play starts, simply place your Sic Bo chips on the section that represents the bet you wish to make. Once all bets have been laid, the croupier will shake the dice in the shaker and announce the results. Following his announcement he will enter the results into the table and the winning bets will physically light up. He will then go about clearing the chips and paying off the winning bets.