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Sic bo rules

Sic Bo Rules – How to Play Sic Bo

Understanding Sic Bo rules will help a player learn how to play Sic Bo faster. Sic Bo is not a difficult game and Sic Bo winnings are determined by dice.

Getting Started

You will see on the Sic Bo table a large number of squares all with writing on them. These squares represent the different bets that are possible. There are seven different types of bets, but in total around 50 possible bets to make. Make sure that you are familiar with the layout of the Sic Bo table and all the different Sic Bo bet types before you start playing for real money. If you are playing online Sic Bo, nearly all sites provide a guide to the bets which will also detail the payouts for each bet.

Laying Your Bet

Laying a Sic Bo bet is rather like laying a bet in roulette. You have your casino chips which act as a currency. You simply take the number of chips you wish to wager and you place them on the square or squares on the Sic Bo table that corresponds to the bet you wish to make. In some land based casino Sic Bo games the croupier will lay your bet for you; in this case you need to tell him clearly where to place your chips and you must check he did it right. You must check out the Sic Bo table minimums and maximums before you play, but so long as you are wagering within the spectrum you can place as many Sic Bo bets as you wish.

Rolling the Dice

In online Sic Bo you will see a Roll button which you must click on when you have wagered your bet. If you are playing multiplayer, this may happen automatically after the betting period has elapsed. If you are playing in a land based casino you will not find yourself touching the Sic Bo Dice at all. The croupier will shake up the three dice in the Sic Bo shaker. He will roll them out and announce the results.

Claiming your Bet

In a land based casino, the Sic Bo croupier will enter the results of the dice roll into an electronic devise. This electronic devise will calculate all of the winning Sic Bo bets from that result. You will see that the Sic Bo table will actually show you these winning bets by lighting up those squares. In this way, it is very easy to know if you've won or not – if you're Sic Bo chips are on a lit square, you've won. At this point the croupier will go about clearing the chips and paying out the Sic Bo winnings. If you are playing online Sic Bo, this whole process will happen in the same way, but in a computerized fashion.

Play Again

The Sic Bo table is then cleared, and new bets are laid for the next round of Sic Bo. This starts again, as a whole new event with no bearing on the previous game.