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Sic bo history

Sic Bo History – The Origins of Online Sic Bo

The roots of Sic Bo are from ancient China and it is interesting to follow the path of development of Sic Bo from an ancient to an online casino game.

From Ancient China

To put a date to the creation of Sic Bo would be impossible; it probably developed over a period of time, and almost certainly experienced several incarnations. We do know that in the time of the great masters of China, under whose tutelage and rules the arts of Karate and Tai Quon Do developed, Sic Bo also appeared on the scene, and in fact was used as a form of relaxation by these combat fighters.

In those days, dice were not yet invented, and so different objects were used, amongst them shells, small animal bones, and rocks. The masters would engrave markings onto these objects and used them for Sic Bo play much as modern Sic Bo players use the dice.

In this way, with its first creation, Sic Bo play was a means of relaxation for the martial arts masters whose skills of concentration and discipline far outweighed those of the average person. It wasn't long however before Sic Bo stopped being a game for the elite and found its way to the regular people, and with it mass popularity in China.

During its long history, Sic Bo has carried a number of names; amongst them Dai Siu meaning Dice Bowl, and Tai Sai meaning Dice Pair. It is believed by many that at one of its earlier stages only two dice were used in the play of Sic Bo, and hence Sic Bo was translated as Lucky Pair. In other times, it was translated at Two Bricks, indicating the introduction of the dice.

To America

Today online Sic Bo is a common place phenomena, and land based Sic Bo is a fairly regular element of a casino. It may surprise some therefore to learn, that Sic Bo was only introduced to U.S. Casinos in 2003. That isn't to say however, that Sic Bo was only introduced in the 21st century, rather it has been in the Western World for as long as Chinese immigrants have.

Sic Bo and online Sic Bo goes by several names today, some reflecting Sic Bo's Chinese heritage, for example "Rice Bowl Game of Three Dice", and some not; "Big and Small", "lucky dice".

Sic Bo Today

Today Sic Bo is still more popular in Asia that other places, but online Sic Bo is growing with popularity daily, and has shown one of the fastest growing player bases in online gaming. Many draw a parallel between Sic Bo and Roulette; some even claim that the former was the inspiration for the latter. Either way, those who like the one, usually enjoy the other.  Today's casino

Sic Bo has developed considerably from the game's humble beginnings. In modern casinos you will find Sic Bo automatic shakers, and lighted tables that flash up the results. For many, this simply adds to the thrill of an already exciting game and has caused Sic Bo to move from the Asian Rooms of casinos onto the main floor.

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