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Managing Bankroll

Managing your Poker Bankroll – Strategy for a Healthy Poker Bankroll

When you manage your poker bankroll wisely you create a stable and healthy poker experience.

Bankroll Strategy

Part of good poker strategy is to manage your bankroll well. This might be easier said than done. While most regular poker players online tend to bet rather modestly anyone could over-do it from time to time. Knowing when to fold it is just as important as being brave and bet big when that is suitable. The balance can be hard to find and certainly takes a lot of experience. Both the beginner and advanced player should set up rules for how much he can spend and it is also important to make use of promotions.

Depositing Money with Limits

There are many ways to get the money into your player account and some are smarter than other. It is very popular to manage money for poker online through an e-wallet and this option is available easily through your browser. First you need to check which e-wallets works with your bank arrangements and then you should find out which one will be the cheapest for your transactions. If you use an e-wallet you could manage your gaming money through this. In the case that you deposit money into your player account from a credit card you should make sure that the poker room offers good overview of all of your transactions for you to keep track of.

When you are busy playing poker you could easily forget about how much you can afford losing on it. It is not so much fun to think about but most beginner and inter-mediate players lose money on their games. It takes some time and practice before you start to break even and you need to manage your bankroll accordingly. Try to set up limits for how much you can play for each month. You could either set a certain amount of money as your limit or you could decide that you are only allowed to deposit money once or twice a month.

Makes Use of Poker Promotions and Rake Back

It is not only the new poker player that is rewarded for his deposit. Regular players also get special attention through invitations to lucrative tournaments and bonuses. To truly make use of bonuses you need to be well aware of your player profile. A high roller should look for poker rooms that put focus on and especially rewards players that bet a lot. If you bet smaller amounts but you do play a lot it is well worth it to find a poker room that makes all of your games count through points or other reward systems.

Poker players are only recently starting to be aware of the importance of rake back. When you play in a game you also contribute to the rake that the casino will take out of the winning pot. There are different rules for how this is done but when a casino offers rake back it means that all players in a game can get some of that fee back. This could be well worth it for players that are just breaking even as it might give them a push to start making a little bit of money on their poker games.

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