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Poker Rakeback

What is Poker Rake Back? – Understanding Poker Rake Back

If you can find a poker room that offers rake back it might be well worth it, especially if you are an intermediate poker player.

The Cost called Rake Back

When you play in a poker room online or in a land-based casino you always need to calculate your poker odds with the rake in mind. The rake is a percentage or set amount that the casino draws from the pot. Lately more and more poker rooms are offering player a rake back which means that you get the money you contributed to the rake back to your bankroll. This is a great way to maintain a healthier bankroll but it is not for everyone and it certainly comes with a few regulations depending on where you are playing.g.

Can You Always Get a Rake Back?

Many players forget completely about the cost of the rake and the beginner might not even be aware of it. One could call the rake the hidden cost since it is never broadcasted in a way that everyone can see it at all parts of the game. Some poker rooms have a set rake fee which is drawn from your bet and others go by percentage. If you want to make the most of poker odds and turn your games into profitable ones you need to take the rake into account and learn more about it.

It can be a bit confusing to a player where and when he can get a rake back. Not all poker rooms will advertise that they offer this and if they are part of a poker network you might not be able to get it in many poker halls at once. If you are happy with your poker room you should simply ask them if they can offer you rake backs on your games. If they can’t you shouldn’t see this as a reason to stop playing with them but it might be a moving force when you decide to try a new poker room.

Who Does It Benefit?

The low limit players are the ones that benefit the most from rake back and this is because they don’t have to pay a large percentage of the pot to the house. For a low limit player a rake back deal could make a big difference. A beginner that starts to break even in his games should consider seriously finding a poker room with a good rake back deal. This could tip his bankroll towards the plus side where he actually starts to earn a bit from his games.

A casino or poker room makes nice money from rake backs so one could wonder why they would want to forfeit this income. A player that stays around and plays a lot on a regular basis is worth a lot to a poker room. Rake back deals are really similar to bonuses where the casino “gives” you money to stay around. The competition between the poker rooms online is tough and this is yet another way to attract the players to stay. Knowing this you should check what rake backs are being offered since one poker room could give more than 10% more than another.

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