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Poker Odds

Poker Odds – Understand Poker Odds Strategy

You could win many more poker games by understanding proper poker odds strategy.

Poker Odds

When you are trying to figure out your odds of winning a poker game there are several things you need to consider. First you need to look at what you have at hand and what is likely to come up on the board before the game is over. Secondly, you need to understand the relation between your investment and the size of the pot. Moreover there is always the element of taking risks and influencing your opponents into making moves that will change the odds for you.

Understand the Odds

Poker odds aren’t all that complicated to understand but you do need to be a good poker player before you can start to use them leisurely. If you don’t have the basic game down then don’t start messing with odds as it might just get you confused and produce even worse results. Poker odds begin with what you have at hand, where you are in the game and what is on the board. You simply look at the chances for you to complete the hand you are looking to build. You know how many cards have been dealt and you try to estimate how great the odds are for the card you need to show up. Based on this you decide to stay in the game or fold it.

Many great poker players don’t win because of great hands in every game. In fact, a really good poker player knows how to make a poor hand a winning one. Even when the basic poker odds speak against a victory you could choose to stay in the game. Again, this is not something recommended for beginner player. A more experienced player understand what he can do to move the game in the direction that can let him succeed even with a less impressive hand.

Pot Odds and Implied Odds

Pot odds are also important when you are looking into poker odds. You want to make sure that the game is worth your bet. The pot grows as the game goes on and you need to keep track of how it corresponds to your investment. If you see that you are simply putting more in than what you can win you are not playing smart poker. It is a very good strategy for a good poker player to learn how the pot odds work in order to make the right decisions throughout the game.

Part of high level play is being able to fool your opponents into thinking that they know what you’ve got on hand. This is what implied poker odds are all about. You seem to have a weak hand and your opponents are more likely to bet and likewise they will be more reluctant if you radiate a strong hand. Learn how your actions reveal your hand by reading up more on poker strategy for bluffing and general ideas of how to keep a poker face. This way you could actively create a situation where the poker odds move to your advantage.

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