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Your Poker Chat Name

Poker Chat Name What it Says About You

Your poker chat name tells people who you are. A good poker chat name tells something about you and implies that you're friendly.

Using Your Name as a Poker Chat Name

You can use your real first name or part of it as your chat name. This is easy if you have a particularly unique name, but if your name is something like Charles or Mike, chances are, your nickname is already taken. You can use your first name and a number that has meaning to you, like Charles32 if you're thirty-two years old. Remember, though, that you'll be stuck with the same nickname in a year when you're thirty-three years old. If you choose the year of your birth, for instance, like Charles1977, then you're set no matter how much time passes. Another option is to combine your first name with something you like. For example, you could be CharlesKayaker if you enjoy kayaking. That tells people something about you without giving information that's too personal.

Using a Hobby as a Poker Chat Name

Instead of using your name, you could mention a hobby or interest in your poker chat name. For example, you could be Skydiver. If that name is taken, you could add another detail like HaloSkydiver. An advantage of using a name like that is that other people with your interests will want to talk to you. Saying something about your interests opens a topic of conversation, but you will end up talking about your hobby each time you meet someone new.

Using a Character's Name as Your Poker Chat Name

If you're a fan of a television show or a series of books, you can use your favorite character's name. Just bear in mind that a lot of people are going to go for certain popular names. For example, if you're a fan of CSI, you might try Grissom, but it's likely that someone has already taken that name, so you might have to be Grissom2. Again, like hobbies, using the name of a character that you like tells other players about you. It tells them that you like CSI and that you're a fan of the old cast.

Using a Nickname as Your Poker Chat Name

If you have a unique nickname, you can use that as your poker chat name. If it's interesting, it'll help generate interest in you, and help you make friends. A nickname like honeybunny or angel won't get you very far, but if people call you something really unusual, that makes a great poker chat name.

Talking Poker in Your Poker Chat Name

Another option you can use is to use a poker term for your poker chat name. For example, you could be ILuvFlop or RoyalFlush. Those names have the advantage of not revealing anything much about your personality, but they are somewhat used and trite. If you have something fun or interesting to say, then a nickname like that can work well. Otherwise, a poker related poker chat name will identify you as someone who is really only there to play poker and not to chat. Of course, you can always identify yourself differently, but you'll be fighting against a nickname that defines you.

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