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Chatting about poker will help you enjoy poker more, play poker better, learn new types of poker games, and make new friends.

Enjoying Poker Chats

Poker is first and foremost a game. Poker players should enjoy playing a poker game, and a feeling of camaraderie makes for a much more pleasant experience. In a poker chat room, players should be courteous, avoid rude language, and avoid being being mean to other players. It's important to keep it friendly. No one likes a sore loser, and a sore winner is even worse. If you're playing for low stakes, remember that your opponents are hoping for a friendly game and to make a little money, just like you. When you're playing high-stakes poker, it's even more important to stay polite. If you're rude to other players when you hit a bad beat, no one will want to play with you anymore, and word will travel. If you're polite, you'll find other poker players sympathetic and willing to let you try to win your money back.

Using Chats to Improve Your Game

If you're playing low-stakes online poker, the chat is a great way to find out what mistakes people are making. Both you and other players will often expose mistakes in the chat room, and you'll be able to learn how to avoid many of the pitfalls involved in online poker before you move to a higher stakes game. You'll need to be careful not to expose too much of your strategy, but a little friendly chatter can help you pinpoint your problem areas. A lot of players are very quiet on poker chat rooms, so if you want to learn from other players, you may have to move from one poker table to another to find a chattier crowd.

Learning New Poker Games

A great way to learn new poker games is to see if other players will join you at a different type of table. If you're all new to the new game, then you can really help each other out in the chats at new types of poker games. For example, if you've never played Omaha Hi-Low, you might find it much easier to get used to it when you're chatting with other poker players who are used to Texas Hold'em as well. It's fun to get a whole group to try a new game at once. Just be sure to keep the stakes low or even to play your first few rounds in a free room. You can't always trust your chat buddies to be honest with you. They may even be better at the new game, and they may be trying to get some new players to move to their game so that they can win big.

Making Online Poker Friends

In an online poker room, you can make friends, but it isn't easy. Just chatting won't make you friends with someone. You'll have to show up in the same poker room a number of times to get people used to you. You'll also need to know how to play a friendly poker game, and how to introduce yourself. If you start by asking everyone their gender, age, and location, people will think you're trying to use a poker room as a dating site. You should start by talking about the game, and then ask people how they're doing. When you start to get to know people, you'll find that they become friendlier and you enjoy playing poker as a social scene as well as a way to have fun and earn money.

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