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Poker Myths

Myths About Poker – The Poker Facts

The game of Poker has generated more myths and legends than many games. It's important to be aware of the truth before you bluff, call, raise, and fold.

Poker Myth #1: Cards Have a Memory

If you've lost five times in a row, there's no reason why you're more likely to win the next time. Cards are random. If you find that your cards aren't random, you need to talk to the dealer or the pit boss. If you've had pocket 2-7 unsuited six times in a row, and you don't believe that someone is dealing unfairly, then you have no information about what your next hand may be.

Poker Myth #2: Pocket Aces is the Best Hand in Texas Hold'em

Martin was a lousy poker player, but he was terribly addicted. He would go out almost every night to play poker. Each night Martin would come home late and his wife Marie would ask how much he'd lost. Martin would sigh and fumble for excuses. Each day Marie would chide Martin about his poker habit and Martin would promise not to play the next night. Sure enough, though, he'd be out until late the next night too. One night Martin didn't come home at midnight. At one, he still wasn't home. Marie paced around the house all night. Finally, at six in the morning, Martin dragged himself through the door. Marie just glared. “Marie” he said “Last night I did the most terrible thing. I decided to go to a bar, and I met an attractive girl there. I bought her a drink and we talked. One thing led to another, and soon we were kissing. Then we went up to her hotel room, and I'm so sorry, Marie, I cheated on you. I hope someday you'll be able to forgive me.” “Yeah right, how much did you lose last night?”

Poker Myth #3: It's always Worth Staying in for the Flop

It's not always worthwhile to stay in for the flop. If you have a high pocket pair or suited cards, then you've got what to stay in for, but if you've got an unsuited two and six, it's not worth paying to see the flop. If you're a blind and no one raises, then it might be worthwhile, especially in a low-stakes game. Just remember, though, you're looking to stay in only when you're likely to win. Staying in for the flop only to discover that another player can beat you with a pair of twos is simply a waste. Avoid paying to play games you can't win. If you fold without betting, you've saved your cash for the next round.

Poker Myth #4 Online Poker is all Rigged

Actually, it's rare to find a poker site with unethical practices, and those that do create trouble generally don't do so by rigging your cards. Usually, if there are unethical practices on a poker site, they involve non-payment of your winnings. If you're trying out a new online poker site, you should make sure that they have a record of fast and easy payouts. On the other hand, pretty much all poker sites will give you a fair game. The reason for this is simple. The site makes money from what is referred to as a rake. The rake is a portion of the bets, taken from the final pot in the game. Tournaments don't have a rake, but they have a tournament fee, which serves the same purpose. As a result, the site doesn't care which player wins. The site gets money every time people play. This motivates sites to keep play fair and fun in order to attract serious players and keep their business.

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