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Famous Women in Poker

Famous Women in Poker – Introduction to Famous Female Poker Players

With the rising number of women participating in competitive poker games, names of famous women in poker continue to be added to the game's list of high achievers.

The Rising Trend of Women in Poker

The past five to ten years have seen a huge rise in the number of women who are playing the game of poker. Particularly with the increased accessibility of the Internet and the increased number of online gambling sites that are now available, many women are enjoying the anonymity that is offered by playing poker online. They are able to practice their poker game and hone their poker skills up to the level of their male counterparts. Women poker players now make up a large percentage of all online poker players and they are beginning to make great names for themselves in competitive poker circles.

Women in Poker Tournaments

There are many ways that women can participate in poker tournaments. For those who are new to the game of poker or to professional poker and are cautious of joining major poker tournaments, there are now many sites that offer poker specifically for women. These sites include many resources to help women improve their poker game. They also offer poker tournaments for women only and women can play at these sites in many levels of competition. However, women are not limited to women-only tournaments and many female poker players are now participating in general poker tournaments. In fact, not only are they participating, but they are winning large amounts of money in these tournaments.

Famous Women in Poker

Just as there has always been a list of men's names that are associated with the game of poker, so too is there now a list of women's names associated with the game. More and more women are playing casually and for money and these players are playing in ring games, cash games and tournaments with male players. Names such as Annie Duke, Kathy Liebert, Jennifer Harman, Evelyn Ng and Linda Johnson are a few of the names of women poker players that have become famous. Television personalities such as Shana Hiatt, Jennifer Tilly and Mimi Rogers have also contributed to advancing the name of women poker players. It is no longer unusual to see a female face among the poker players who are part of a poker site's professional team, such as Evelyn Ng is for Bodog Poker and Clonie Gowen is for Full Tilt Poker. Other women are seeing the success of these ladies in poker or seeing the personalities promoting women in poker on television and are being encouraged to try the game themselves.

The Future of Women in Poker

As more and more women in poker rise to the levels of these famous female poker players, the respect for women in poker increases. This in turn leads to more women joining the game of poker and more women gaining enough confidence to participate in major worldwide poker events. The future, of course, is unknown, but if the trend continues in the same direction we can expect more and more women's names to be added to the list of famous poker players in years to come.