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Trends of Women in Poker

Trends of Women in Poker – Rise of Women Poker Players

Particularly with the increasing popularity of Internet gaming, the trend of women in poker is exploding, with fantastic results.

Poker as a Man's Game

Gaming was once an activity that was ascribed primarily to men. Women were not expected to enjoy gambling and if they accompanied their husbands to places of gambling, they tended to sit around chatting to the other ladies. Perhaps the ladies would have enjoyed a pull on the slots lever, but the serious gambling such as poker was left to the men. This trend is changing today, however and the gambling world is finding that not only do women enjoy gambling, but they are very good at it. Many of the changes that have been seen over the past few years can be attributed to the Internet.

The Internet and Women in Poker

With the increasing popularity of online gaming and the increasing accessibility of the Internet, women who once found themselves unwelcome in gaming establishments, have now found a comfortable way to gamble. The Internet provides a level of anonymity that protects women who feel vulnerable from lewd remarks or unwelcome overtures while gambling. Online, female players can simply get on and practice their game, just as their male counterparts have always been able to do. Online poker provides another advantage to the female player in the convenience that it provides. Many ladies interested in the game of poker may simply not have had the time to go to a poker hall to play. Now, with online gaming, female players can play from home at their own convenience. Particularly the Internet-savvy women are finding that online gambling is a welcome break in an otherwise hectic schedule.

The Rising Trend of Women in Poker

Recognizing the rising trend of female poker players, many online poker sites have geared their attention towards their female clientele in that they offer ladies-only tournaments and plenty of information on how to play the game and regulations in tournament play. This has helped the ladies to get their skills up to scratch so that they are on a more equal footing to the male players. Over the past ten years, poker among women has exploded in popularity and over the past five years there has been at least a double in the number of female players who play poker. In fact, a recent survey shows that the number of women involved in poker has risen from 10% of all online poker players to 30%. Some studies reveal that more than half of all online gamblers are women. Regardless of the exact numbers, it cannot be denied that more and more women are enjoying online gambling and joining online gambling sites.

Women in Poker Tournaments

Many women who are interested in the game of poker have been practicing their poker skills at online poker rooms and online casinos until they are up to the level of their male counterparts. They are then signing up to play in poker tournaments with fantastic results. In fact, women are gaining access to some of the most prestigious poker tournaments and winning huge sums of money.