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Women in Poker Tournaments

Only Poker Tournaments

The number of women participating in poker tournaments is increasing, as are the number of women-only poker tournaments offered.

As the trend of women playing poker increases, so too does the trend of women entering into poker tournaments. More and more poker sites are now offering exclusive tournaments for women.

Why Offer Women-Only Poker Tournaments

As women are relatively new to the world of poker, many of them feel intimidated playing against men. The idea of the women-only poker tournament is not to exclude men, but to encourage more women to become involved in competitive poker. By offer women-only poker tournaments, women can play in a friendly and comfortable environment where they can focus on improving their tournament strategy and play. In this way, they will begin to feel more confident in tournament play and feel able to participate in the major poker tournaments that are available.

The Controversy over Women-Only Poker Tournaments

There is a fair amount of controversy over women-only poker tournaments, both from men and women. Men say that they are sexist and that women should participate in the major tournaments just as they are expected to. As poker is a game of the mind, there is no physical reason to offer gender-specific tournaments. The women who are in opposition of these tournaments feel that they exclude women from the major tournaments and are limiting for no good reason. However, as mentioned above, it is important to keep in mind that women-only tournaments are not aiming to exclude anyone – they are simply aiming to encourage more women to become involved in competitive poker.

Sites that Offer Women-Only Poker Tournaments

Many of the sites that offer women-only poker tournaments also offer other useful resources for women. Women can visit the site for free tutorials, discussion boards, interesting poker articles and even mentoring programs. There are poker tournaments for varying levels of players – from beginner to professional. These are all designed to increase the women's confidence in the game of poker so that she can go on to participate in the major poker tournaments.

Women in Major Poker Tournaments

All major poker tournaments are open to women. While there are women-only tournaments, women do not have to feel limited to these as they are welcome at all open tournaments as well. Over the years, as more women become involved in poker, there are a rising number of women who are participating against men in the major poker tournaments and there are those who are winning plenty of money doing so. It is true, even in the game of poker that women and men think differently. Many men enjoy the challenge of playing against female competitors for the variety and therefore challenge that it brings. Games will be more varied which can add a bit of spice to things. The added excitement of never knowing who you are going to be playing against – male or female only increases the challenge and enjoyment of the tournament. More and more women are beginning to participate in major poker tournaments and as the trend of women in poker increases, the trend of them joining tournaments is likely to continue to increase as well.