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Poker in Africa

Poker in Africa

As is the case in many places in the world, online poker in Africa has become an exciting and attractive form of entertainment.

Overview of Poker in Africa

As poker seems to have taken the world, or many parts of it, by storm, a glance at poker in Africa shows that poker has also become a popular form of entertainment in this area. There are several countries within the regions of Africa and out of them all, South Africa appear to be the one with the most interest in poker in Africa. Texas Hold'em seems to be the favorite attraction amongst the poker players in Africa.

It is interesting to note that South Africa has its own online poker room, in the name of Piggs Peak. The Piggs Peak Casino that contains an online poker room enables players to play a range of casino games and online poker in Africa. Poker players in Africa may take advantage of the convenience elements to play poker online and enjoy all of the attractions of online gaming. It should be noted that playing poker at Piggs Peak allows African poker players to compete against each other in their own currency.

Legalities of Poker in Africa

With regards to the matter of the legalities of online poker in South Africa, it seems to come down to whether or not poker is considered a game of skill rather than a form of gambling. However, online gaming appears to be the subject of legislation discussions and battles within South Africa. In the Central African Republic there do not appear to be laws prohibiting gambling.

However, it should be taken into account that there are different rulings within different jurisdictions and it is wise to check out the legislation of the particular area concerned.

All Africa Poker Tournaments

The presence and success of poker tournaments in Africa suggests the appeal of poker in Africa. In the same way that poker tournaments have become very popular in other parts of the world, such events are a great attraction also in South Africa. The All Africa Poker Tournament is held four times a year in Swaziland and offers large prizes in Rand. It is interesting to note that this tournament is sponsored by Piggs Peak and is hosted at the Piggs Peak hotel and casino in Swaziland.

It may appear a little strange for the All Africa Poker Tournament to take place in Africa with all the poverty in the region, but the fact that this series takes place four times a year cannot be ignored.

Poker in Africa on TV

Poker enthusiasts in Africa may also view poker entertainment on TV. There is an All Africa Poker TV channel that includes a range of poker shows and tournaments such as the World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour. The existence of the poker TV channel does seem to suggest the interest and enthusiasm regarding the subject of poker in Africa.

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