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Poker in Europe

Poker in Europe

Poker is a popular pursuit in Europe and many other places around the globe. Online poker in Europe offers an attractive and convenient form of entertainment.

Overview of Poker in Europe

Even though the precise roots of the poker game are unclear, today's poker is believed to be based on a very old game. Some believe that the origins of the poker game lie in Europe. There is today a wide range of online poker sites and best online casino locations that are available for playing poker in Europe. The introduction of poker as an online form of entertainment has made access to the game much easier for many people. Playing poker in Europe appears to have brought about an increase in popularity of the pursuit. There are a range of options for European poker players with regards to variety of online sites available and alternatives of the transfer of funds. The majority of online poker locations that are available for poker gaming in Europe accept pounds sterling and many also deal in Euro.

Legalities of Playing Poker in Europe

It is interesting to note that for most parts of Europe there are no legal restrictions prohibiting online poker gaming. Therefore, for the majority of European citizens, it is considered legal to play poker in Europe. For example, in the United Kingdom online poker is permitted and this form of entertainment is flourishing.

The Poker Channel

The broadcasting of live poker events and online poker has made a big difference to the appeal and attraction of the poker game in many places across Europe.

No discussion of poker in Europe would be complete without a mention of the Poker Channel. Today, this channel broadcasts to millions of cable viewers in various European countries. The Poker Channel was introduced in the UK in 2005. In 2007, broadcasts begun in France, Germany Finland Norway Sweden Denmark and expanded also then to other European countries.

The Poker Channel features different programs with poker interest including televised poker series, such as the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. These poker events are major occasions in the poker arena and showing such occasions on the poker channel does seem to imply the significance of poker in Europe.

European Poker Tour

The introduction of the European Poker Tour (EPT) in 2004 suggests the rise in interest in general in poker in Europe and also in live poker tournament action. The EPT can be explained as a poker tournament series rather like the World Poker Tour (WPT). In the beginnings of the EPT, the buy in charges were considerably smaller than the WPT. However, due to its massive popularity, by 2007 the buy-in charge for the majority of EPT events became a similar price to those of the WPT. The success of this poker tour in Europe demonstrates the rise in fascination and appeal of poker entertainment in Europe.

Poker in Europe is a popular form of amusement and the introduction of online poker entertainment and live satellite poker broadcasts appear to have increased the interest and attraction in this pursuit.

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