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Poker in Asia

Poker in Asia

Poker is an attractive form of entertainment in many places around the globe and online poker in Asia seems to be buzzing on the Internet.

Overview of Poker in Asia

When looking at the topic of poker in Asia, one should take into account the large population in Asia. Following the restrictions on playing poker in the USA according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, perhaps it was only natural that attention moved towards poker in Europe and poker in Asia. Considering this issue from a logical point of view, if marketing efforts regarding online poker and online gaming in general were concentrated on playing poker in Asia, this concerns a large community and therefore a large number of prospective poker players in Asia. In general, poker is considered to an attractive pursuit in Asia and this is therefore a good location to promote the game.

Legalities of Poker in Asia

When looking at the legal aspects of playing online poker in Asia, it has to be taken into account that Asia covers a massive area. Not only that, but each different country has its own government and rulings. For example, in China, gambling is legal and Macau is viewed as the casino center of the country. This is also a popular location for playing poker in Asia. In Singapore, gambling is legal and in India gambling is permitted. Even though laws restricting online gaming are difficult to enforce, it should be noted that in certain parts of Asia especially in south Asia, online gaming and online poker is not legal.

Poker players should bear in mind that different jurisdictions have different rulings and legislations. As Asia is such a huge region, it is highly recommended for players interested in playing poker in Asia to check out the legalities in the particular country or area concerned.

Poker Tournaments in Asia

The large interest in the game of poker in Asia is suggested by the introduction of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT). The APPT was initiated in 2007, a year after the UIGEA in the US. In the first year of the APPT, the first event of the tour was located in Manila, Philippines and the final event was located in Sydney, Australia. It should be noted that the main sponsor for this prestigious poker tournament in Asia is PokerStars that is considered to be the largest online poker room in the world.

The APPT is certainly not the only poker tournament to be based in Asia. The Asian Poker Classic (APC) was initiated in 2007 and held in Goa, India. It is interesting to note that this was the first major poker event of its kind to be held in India and offered a massive prize pool of $1,000,000. Since this event, live poker tournaments in Asia seem to have gone from strength to strength and attract top poker players from all over the world to the region.

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