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Martingale Betting System

How the Martingale Betting System Works

Learn how the Martingale betting system works and follow some simple tips to ensure that you can use the Martingale betting system effectively.

An Old System

The Martingale betting system is one of the oldest betting systems that is used.  It is a very simple system to use, and is worked out on the possibility and probability of losing many many times in a row.  This system is best used on even money bets.

Martingale is a Negative Progression System

Simply explained, a negative progression system is one in which the player keeps increasing their bets when they are losing.  This player who chooses to use this system would need to have enough money to keep them playing for some time.

How the Martingale Betting System Works

It is easy to learn how the Martingale betting system works, as it is a very simple betting system.  A bet is placed on an even money bet.  If the player wins, the winnings are put aside and a single bet is once again placed on an even money bet.  If the player should lose the bet, the next bet placed needs to be double the value of the previous bet on which the loss occurred.  This would continue ad infinitum - constantly doubling a losing bet.  The theory is that when the player eventually does win a bet, they will have recovered all their lost money and one additional unit, which would be a profit against the first bet placed.

Pitfalls and Things to Watch Out For

Table Limits :  The Martingale system assumes that the player can keep on placing bets until a losing streak is over and they can obtain at least one win.  In reality, this is not always possible as almost all casinos have house limits.  The table being played on would have a limit of how much the highest bet is allowed to be.  This safeguards the casinos from systems such as the Martingale system.

A Large Bankroll :  The Martingale betting system could quite often require an almost unlimited bankroll.  If the casino's table betting limit has not yet been reached, it could require a large amount of cash to keep on doubling losing bets if the player is having a very long losing streak.  If the player cannot keep on covering losing bets over a long period of time, a large sum of money can be lost.

House/Dealer Commission :  If the player is playing in a game which includes a compulsory commission to the casino on a winning bet (sometimes as much as 5%),  it is important to ensure that no bets are placed that would require a commission payout.  After a long losing streak, if a commission must still be paid, the player has the possibility of losing money rather than making the usual one unit win.  There are often commissions on even money bets so that the casino retains their house edge.  In most games which include a house commission, there are some bets that do not need commissions paid - choose those bets!


Find out the table betting limit and any possible commissions on winning bets in advance.  Make sure you have enough money to carry this system to completion.  If you are not sure if you can follow these basic guidelines, choose another betting system or simply take your chances.

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