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Paroli Betting System

A Positive Progression System

The Paroli betting system is a positive progression system which requires some winning streaks placed on even money bets to ensure a positive outcome.

A Positive Progression System

The Paroli betting system is a positive progression system.  A positive progression system is one in which bets are increased after winning a round of a game.

Opposite of the Martingale System

In the Martingale betting system, a negative progression system, the player increases their bets whenever a loss occurs.  The Paroli betting system is exactly the opposite of that.

A Money Management System

This betting system is one in which the player can manage their money.  The player sets themselves limits and decides on the number of units to use in order to place their bets.  The player will set the limit of how far they can go before taking the bet down to the same as the original starting bet.  The player also decides on how much to raise the bet each time they have won.

For Which Games Can the Paroli Betting System Be Used?

This system can be used in any game that has even bets.  Even bets are 1:1.  The following list shows games which have even bets, and therefore the Paroli betting system can be applied to them:


Important Points to Know Before Using this System

The player needs to set an upper limit, at which time they will stop increasing their bets, and should return, once again, to their original starting unit.

The player also decides on and sets the multiple by which the bet will increase every round that has been won.  The player can decide how many units based on the size of their bankroll.

Learn the Paroli Betting System

Choose a betting unit.  The player can choose a $1 chip, or a $5 chip, but either way, they should stick with it throughout, until they have completed the rounds for the Paroli system.

Should the bet win, quite simply, the next bet should be twice as much as the first bet.  For example, if the unit chosen was $1, then the next bet should be $2.  Should the bet win again, the $2 bet will be doubled to $4 for the next round.  This continues until a round is lost.

Should the bet lose, the player immediately goes back to betting one unit (the same amount as the original unit chosen).  Only one unit is bet for all rounds until the player begins winning again, at which time the bet is once again doubled for each win.

Advantages of the Paroli Betting System

Losses are cut short, but profits are used to keep upping the bet.  Because profits are used to raise the bets, the players original bankroll is at a far smaller risk of being reduced in size.  If you have set yourself limits, your losses are not so bad.  Usually, the player can play for a longer period of time with a smaller bankroll.


Once you have won some money, it is a good idea to bank some of your winnings (the profit) and then begin the system from scratch.  Being disciplined in this way will help ensure a better outcome - walking away from the casino a winner!

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