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Oscar Grind Betting System

Discipline and the Oscar Grind System

The player will find that discipline and the Oscar Grind betting system go hand in hand. The Oscar Grind betting system is easy to follow.

Oscar Grind Betting System is One of the Safest

The Oscar Grind betting system is a progressive betting system.  It is important to remember that all betting systems that are used in casinos need some element of luck to make them work well.  The Oscar Grind betting system is known as one of the safest progressive betting systems available.  This is partly because of the discipline used when the player sets limits on winning and losing for each game.

The Goal of the Oscar Grind Betting System

This system was originally created by a craps player by the name of Oscar, who used the system to play the pass line bet in craps.  It is now used in other gambling games as well.  The main aim of this betting system is to get to a point where the player is one unit ahead.  The point of using this system is to increase the number of small wins in order to stay ahead.

When Would the Oscar Grind System Be Appropriate?

Because this betting system is designed for either winning or losing runs or streaks, it is most advantageous in the games that require less skill and more chance.  The main flaw with this system is that you cannot tell ahead of time whether you will have a streak, so you may need to use a different system until you begin either a winning or losing run.  This system is designed in such a way that losses will be small, and that wins will be in small increments.  Even though Oscar created the system for craps games, it has been adapted for other games, for example many players use this system when playing blackjack.

How Does the Oscar Grind System Work?

When using the Oscar Grind betting system, it is important to set a strict winning goal and to limit the losses that the player will allow themselves.  For example, the losing limit is ten units.  If the player bets $10 as one unit, then play needs to be stopped if or when the player’s losses are ten units or $100.  After this, no other bets should be placed.

How to Place Bets

The bet is placed on the pass line.  If the player loses, the next bet will stay the same.  If the player wins, the next bet is increased by one unit (or $10 as per the example above).  When the player wins another bet, the next bet should be placed with just enough chips to make sure that they will get a profit in their winnings.  Play should continue in this way, winning small amounts at a time until the player has reached their winning goal.  Once the winning goal is reached, the Oscar Grind betting system would indicate that the gaming session is over.

Discipline and the Oscar Grind Betting System

One of the most important things, as is apparent above, is the discipline needed when using the Oscar Grind betting system.  A little bit of boundary setting and a touch of discipline will ensure a better betting system for you!

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