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Baccarat Betting Guide

Your Own Baccarat Betting Guide

Some people believe that professional baccarat players don’t bet equal amounts for all hands. Read on for a more comprehensive baccarat betting guide.

Baccarat Betting Guide: S-GATE (Shoe - Generation And Technique Evaluation)

S-GATE (Shoe - Generation and Technique Evaluation) is a technique where various shoes are generated under your control.  These shoes are kept in a database and money management techniques and betting strategies of your design are applied to this database data to test your baccarat betting guide techniques.

Baccarat Betting Guide: Baccarat Betting Guide Strategies

Some people believe that serious or professional baccarat players never bet equal amounts for all varieties of hands. These people believe that you should take into account various factors that can influence your game play.  These deciding factors (according to them) include things like trends or shoe patterns, how hot or cold certain patterns are, how much money you have at your disposal, and much, much more.  You will find betting guide programs on the Internet, which use the S-GATE method to help players develop and refine their baccarat money management technique.

Baccarat Betting Guide: A Closer Look at Baccarat Terms

‘Money Management’ is how you decide to spend your money while playing baccarat.   Our Baccarat betting guide advises you always have a Money Management action plan that is crucial for you to maximize winnings when you are hot, and minimize loses during bad luck runs.

A ‘Win target’ is the amount of winnings that you keep in your pocket that is never used to play with. If you have more winnings than your win target, you can use the excess to place bets in case you have a run of good luck.

A ‘Loss limit’ is the max amount of cash that you are prepared to lose. When you reach your loss limit, you have to leave the shoe (and its usually also a good idea to leave the casino as well.) You probably know the feeling from a past experience when you have had a run of bad luck but kept playing and playing to try to make up for your loss.  Most times luck does not turn around when you are really cold.

A ‘Vertical’ on a scoring card is when you use a series of vertical markings appear on the scoring card to note down consecutive Banker or Player results.  A ‘Single’ on a scoring card s when you use a single marking to note down the fact that no consecutive results occurred.

‘Same’ betting is when the result stays with Player or Banker. When you bet on 'Same' you hope that the current result re-occurs.  ‘Jump’ betting is when the result goes from Player to Banker or Banker to Player. When you bet on a 'Jump' you hope that the result changes.

‘Return’ is the percentage turnover that you get as winnings. If, for instance, the return is five per cent then a 100,000-dollar turnover will earn you 5000 dollars.

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