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Free Online Baccarat

Taking Advantage of Free Online Baccarat

Free online baccarat is a great way for players to practice the fun of online baccarat without the worry of placing money bets until they are ready.

Free Online Baccarat: Background Information

Have you had enough of the snooty people at the casino that turn baccarat into an elitist game?  Would you like to try it out without parting with your hard earned cash?  Let’s look at why free online baccarat is so popular.

Free online baccarat offers you free gambling with unlimited credits.  Flash games normally take around a minute to load. This may sometimes take longer if you have a slow Internet connection, or during peak time when the website server becomes overloaded. Read the instructions below on how to play free online baccarat.

Keep in mind that Java games require that your web browser is Java enabled. If you don’t have Java on your PC, you can easily download the free software from

Free Online Baccarat: How to Play

When playing free online baccarat you have to begin by placing your bet. You can place bets on Banker (Banco) or Player (Punto) or Stand-off.   You would normally do this by pointing on the chip denomination of your choice and right-clicking on it.

Most free online baccarat games will now require you to move the pointer to the betting area of the table. Choose between Player, Banker, or Stand-off.  Usually, you will then have to click to deposit the chip. Note that each extra click will add another chip to your wager.  (You are of course not playing with real money but it’s good to make realistic bets in order to practice for real money play.)  After you have placed your bet you will now have to click on the Deal button and view the virtual cards being dealt.   The next part is simple if you make sure to follow procedure on your screen.

After you have viewed the end result, you can repeat your previous bet by clicking the Same Bet button, or you can start afresh. You will usually see a board on the right-hand side that will show the results that have come up.

Free Online Baccarat: In Summary

To start playing free online baccarat you have to decide how much you want to bet on either the Player, the Dealer, or on tie hands.

The Player and the Dealer each get 2 cards.  If either hand has five or less, that hand will get a 3rd card and the hand with the amount closest to nine wins.  Remember that tens, jacks, queens, and kings have no value and Aces count as one.  All other cards count as their face value.

You do not get free online baccarat payouts but payouts normally work like this: select the winning hand and you’re paid double your bet; predict a tie and you get eight times the amount you bet.  The house charges a small sum if you win while betting on the Banker's hand.

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