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Rules for Baccarat Player

Understand Baccarat Player Hands Rules

It is helpful to understand the rules for baccarat player hands before beginning play even though it is not essential as the croupier will direct the play.

Basics of Baccarat

The rules for the baccarat player are strictly laid out, and the players (or bettors) themselves do not get to decide when the third card should be dealt for the player hand.  This is unlike blackjack, where the players each play their individual hands and can choose to be dealt more cards until they go bust.  It is not possible to go bust in baccarat.  It is, however, possible to get a zero score, which is the worst hand, up to a total of 9, which is considered a natural (winning) hand.

The Rules for Baccarat Player Hands

It is helpful to understand the rules for baccarat player hands, although, as explained below, it is possible to play the game without knowing all the rules.

A baccarat hand consists of 2 cards which are dealt to both the player and the banker.  It is possible to draw a third card in certain circumstances, but there is never the option to draw a fourth card.

The player hand is allowed to draw a third card when the total of the player hand's first two cards is either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10.

When the player hand has a total point value of either 6, 7, 8 or 9, the rules for baccarat player hands insist that the player hand must stand and may not receive a third card.

A hand totaling either 8 or 9 is considered a natural winning hand and will win the round unless a tie is had with the banker hand.

The Third Card Rule

There are complex rules about when the baccarat banker hand may draw a third card, which corresponds with the total of the player hand, or the third card drawn by the player hand.  Drawing a third card for the player hand is a much simpler task as explained above.

The Shoe Around the Table

In some games, the shoe is passed around the table and players take turns at dealing and acting the banker.  The banker (when it is one of the players) is not responsible for the financial side of things.  The dealers (as casino employees) will always take the responsibility for this.

Do I Need to Know All the Rules in Order to Play Baccarat?

It is possible for the players to play baccarat without knowing all the intricate rules, however, it is useful to have at least some knowledge of how the game works.  The player will not be called upon to decide when cards may be dealt, as the croupier (or caller) knows all the rules.  The caller will usually call out "card for the banker" or "card for the player".  However, in the case when the shoe is passed from player to player, allowing each one to take turns at being the "banker", it is probably best to pass the shoe to the next player if you do not know the basic baccarat rules.  There is, however, no necessity to commit the intricate details to memory.

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