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Mini Baccarat

Learn About Mini Baccarat

Learn about mini baccarat, a stripped down version of regular baccarat. Mini baccarat has become very popular in casinos.

What is Mini Baccarat?

Mini baccarat is a stripped down version of the full version of American baccarat.  Many casinos will offer both mini baccarat and the regular full sized baccarat.  In order to learn about mini baccarat, it is useful to compare it to American baccarat.

Differences Between Mini Baccarat and American Baccarat Tables

American baccarat tables are quite formal and are played in a pit or a roped off section of the casino.  The table is around the size of a craps table and up to fourteen players can play at a time.  Mini baccarat is much less formal, and it is played at a table of a similar size to a blackjack table.  The table can have up to seven players playing at any time.

The more formal American baccarat often attracts high bettors.  This is because the betting limits are quite high.  In mini baccarat, the betting limits are substantially lower.  Because of this, players are noticeably more relaxed, and dressed in less formal attire.

In American baccarat, the shoe is often passed around for players to take turns at dealing the cards.  In mini baccarat, the players do not touch the cards, only the croupier is allowed to do so.

In American baccarat, there are three casino employees - a caller or croupier, and two dealers.  In mini baccarat, there is only the croupier.  The croupier will be responsible for both calling out what is happening, and for collecting and paying out all wins and losses.

In American baccarat, the croupier stands in the center of the table, with players on either side and the dealers opposite the croupier's position.  In mini baccarat, because the table is so much smaller, and is limited to seven players at any one time, the croupier stands opposite the players.

Learn About Mini Baccarat's Table Layout

The players may place themselves at any number from one to seven which are located on one side of the mini baccarat table.  In front of each place (or number), there are three spaces for bets to be placed, as there are only three types of bets that can be made in mini baccarat.  The first space, closest to the player, is the space to bet on the player hand.  The middle space is the space to bet on the banker hand, and the space furthest from the player and closest to the dealer is the space for players to place their tie bets.

The croupier is in the center opposite the other players where it is easy to reach all parts to the table in order to deal with the chips, or bets, placed.

In front of the croupier there are seven boxes in a row.  These boxes are used to keep track of the commissions that the players owe on the winning banker bet hands.

Behind the commission boxes, closest to the croupier, there is space for the croupier to keep the chip stacks.

Next to the croupier, there is the shoe, from which the cards are dealt.

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