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5 Tips on How to Win at the Casino Every Time

5 Tips on How to Win at the Casino Every Time

How to consistently beat casinos

Five steps that show you how to get an advantage over a casino so you win every time you play

It may sound fanciful, but it’s possible to beat casinos in a systematic rather than a luck-driven way. The way to do this is by identifying situations where you have the advantage. This is often called advantage gaming, and people who play like this are usually called advantage players.

It’s not a long-term strategy. After all, once a casino discovers you’ve found a weakness in their game, they’ll take measures to remove the advantage from you. You must, therefore, be agile and ready to move on from a game or strategy as soon as it becomes ineffective.

How do you do this? How do you turn the casino’s in-built advantage so it’s in favour of you so you win every time? Here are five things you need to know and/or do:

1. Evaluate the Dealer

The first thing you should do when considering whether you can get an advantage in a casino game is to evaluate the dealer. Opportunities can present themselves if the dealer is either sloppy or tight. For example, a dealer that’s tight will shuffle the cards in a very methodical, almost mechanical way. In this situation, you might be able to use shuffle tracking or key card sequencing strategies.

Sometimes it’s possible to assess the quality of a dealer by their size and other physical characteristics. For example, it’s often easier for dealers with large hands to shuffle a deck of cards in a methodical and repetitive way.

2. Spot Sloppy or New Dealers

Dealers who are either sloppy or new can make mistakes, exposing hole cards or cards being dealt to other players. This usually only lasts a split second, but attentive advantage players can exploit this situation. You’ll have to observe dealers to identify this pattern of behaviour. Being awkward with a deck of cards or stiff with the game are tell-tale signs. You should also be aware when new dealers often work. They’re usually on late night, overnight, and early morning shifts.

3. Monitor the Dealer Over Time

Just because you don’t spot anything when you first observe a dealer doesn’t mean opportunities won’t present themselves later. For example, the dealer could become tired, which may make them sloppier.

Also, dealers are like any other person in a work situation, so they work harder when they know the boss is watching. On the flip side, when the dealer is not being watched, they let their standards of work slip, giving you an opportunity that can be exploited.

4. Create a Computer Programme

The above points are about evaluating the dealer to identify opportunities. What strategy should you use, however, in these situations? This is a very complex question to answer, and it is one that most advantage players use computer programmes to solve.

This is not an easy or cheap process, plus the result is often incredibly detailed and complex. In some situations, the strategy is only theoretically effective as in reality it’s completely impractical to implement, usually because there are too many things that can go wrong. This leads us to the final point.

5. Develop a Practical Strategy

The final step in the process is to use the computer-generated strategy to turn it into one that will deliver results but that is also possible to use. Remember, for advantage gaming strategies to work, you can’t make mistakes and you can’t let yourself get distracted. Given the number of distractions there are in your average casino, this is not easy to achieve. If you can square the circle though, you might be able to do it.